Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Coast Vacation...

Last week we traveled down south to Aransas Pass, TX! We had the best time with two wonderful families, The Smiths and The Jordans. Dave coaches at LH with Jeff and Lonnie. We spent our time fishing, boating, beaching, cooking, eating and relaxing! It was the perfect vacation for all us right before football gets geared up for the hubbies! The 5 older kids were the best entertainment and babysitters for Anna. She LOVED all of them and they really are the most well behaved, well mannered kids I have been around in a long time. And of course I love their mommas, my fellow coach's wives, Kelli and Laura! Thanks so much to the Smith Family for hosting us and planning such a wonderful week! Sweet Ellie and Anna watching cartoons.Cuties at the beach. Feeling the sand for the first time ever.
Allie and Ellie taking a dip.
The Smith FamThe Jordan Fam The Hall Fam
This is what Anna did 95% of the time at the beach.
Not a fan of the waves!

The men trying out the skimmer board.
First Lonnie gives it a try.
Now Jeff's turn.
Now Dave's turn.
Jake, the real pro, showing them how it is done!
More digging in the sand. Somebody is wiped out.

Dave and Jake

We cooked all of our meals at the house which was great considering so many little chickens to entertain! Here is the kids table, except for Anna Lou.
One day we took a break from the beach and headed to this great little waterpark in town. It was awesome with big slides, a huge baby pool and even a high dive!

Ellie on one of the slides.
Huge baby pool
Allie on the high dive.
Anna loved this slide. They wouldn't let us go down with her, but she had no problem going by herself. She kept heading back to the steps climbing up to do it again.
I promise she loved it!
A little guitar hero.

Anna checking out the little shrimpy bait.
There was lots of fishing and lots of catching!

Checking out the big catch

Here comes Miss Priss

Lonnie and NateMore beach time.
Jeff with his redfish

Jeff taking the Jordans for a ride.

Kelli caught a fishing pole!
Cuties with their fish.
Last day at the beach. Anna found a hole.

Whiffle Ball The last night we ate at Los Comales, awesome Mexican Food! The Jordans headed out a day early to make a stop in Waco so it was the just the Smiths and Halls.
The best pic I got of the kids. Anna was not too cooperative with looking at the camera.

Kelli and Anna Lou chowing on a lemon.
Anna with her daddy.
AL getting her life jacket for a boat ride.
It was a great week with two awesome families!! What a great last trip as a family of 3!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Amanda & Emerson's Shower...

My great friend Amanda is due in September with baby Emerson! We had a shower for her with lots of pink and lots of sweets. We went with a theme of "Sweet Baby Emerson." Amanda loaded up on lots of pink goodies for Emerson's arrival.

A beautiful collage that Amanda's mom, Pam, did of Hudson and Amanda's tum-tum.

me, Jayme, Amanda, Marissa
Old friends from BU. Go Pi Beta!
Hostesses (& 4 babies on the way)