Friday, August 27, 2010

First game!

The lions kicked off their season Thursday night (we share a stadium and have a couple Thursday night games) against the Frisco Racoons. Too bad for the Racoons, the Lions dominated with a final score of 41-8! Woohoo! This season is going to be interesting totting my two youngins' and all of the gear and still trying to watch the game. Anna Lou loved every bit of it! What a difference a year makes. She had fun last year, but this year she was so in to the band, cheerleaders, drill team, football players and spotted Daddy on the field too! She was a piece of cake! Now her brother on the other hand would have rather been in his bed, considering kickoff was at his bed time! He had some ok moments, but really just preferred me standing and holding him and he is no light weight! Whew, it was HOT! We did make 27 trips to the bathroom!! Thank goodness we had sweet Allie, AL's good buddy to help. Since we are coach's families (VIP:) we got to use the press box bathroom so we did not have to make the trek down the bleachers each time. I was taking no chances since we just finished up our potty training! Sweet Allie helped AL with everything and entertained her all night!My attempt at getting a pic of these two...
Wide-eyed watching the halftime show. She kept saying "Here comes the BAM!!" (band)
blurry claps.
coaches kids
Coach Smith giving the post game victory speech!
The four of us looking nice and sweaty and exhausted!
Great way to start the season! Go Lions!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting off the season...

Well football is in full gear around here! Dave has been working hard, long hours for several weeks now and we are excited for the first real game this week! It has been fun getting to know new coaching families at our new school. Dave's 10 minute commute has been awesome!! We are excited to get the season started. Go Lions!!
Family pic that we took for the football program.
Our good friends, The Smiths. Jeff is the "big dog" at MHS and we love this family!!
Another wonderful family that we are so glad we get to work with, the Jordans!
Last week the coaches' kids passed out popsicles to the players after practice. Anna Lou was super excited! I think most of the popsicles she handed out had a bite taken off of the top. The boys didn't mind!
AL and one of our sweet new friends, Faith.
Getting the hang of it!

It's going to a be a fun year. Here we go!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Better Late than Never...

Better Late than Never!

I went back to a few events that happened over the summer with the next few posts.. My sister took most of the pics with her much better camera/photography skills so I have to give her a shout out! The next few posts aren't very current, but wanted to document them because they are important!!
Saying Bye to The Junods...
After a fun summer full of great times with The Junods, they have now gone back to Doha. We don't say goodbye, just see you later. And December will be here before we know it! It is always tough to see them go, but thankful for good communication talking on the phone, emailing, skyping and lots of blog pics! You can see Wendi's much more interesting blog HERE.

One last cousin pic at Honey and Papa's house.

Mom and I took them to the airport since they couldn't fit in one car with all of their luggage!! (Nick was here too and came in a week before to hang out with their Houston fam and then fly back to Doha. Didn't want you to think Wendi had to fly 24 hours by herself with 3 munchkins. Although, she could do it!)

Hugs. (Kinda makes me teary just looking at them.)

The girlies.

BOOHOO!! Everytime they leave it just gets harder! We know God has them in Doha for just this season and soon enough they will be back in the good ol' US of A! We love you so much Junods!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Way Back Friends...

We are WAY BACK FRIENDS with the Ross Family and the Prince Family. All of the kids went to school together growing up and are proud Plano East grads!! With most everyone in town this summer the Ross' graciously hosted a fun summer swim party! We also got to see another old Plano East/Baylor friend, Matt and his wife Ashley who stopped by. The Ross' have always been amazing party throwers and once again, it was awesome! They never skimp on food!!Cute little signs that had our names and a picture to go with us on them.

Mini bundt cakes that were delish!!

The Ross Resort

The originals

Jeff, Matt, Glen

Me, Wendi, Jill, Julie

We've multiplied.
The real originals.

Such a great reunion!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Georgia's Sip and See...

My mom and I through a Sip and See for Wendi and sweet Baby Georgia. It was a fun evening showing off my precious niece to some good friends and family. Here a just a few highlights...

The honoree!

My mom came up with these cute favors.

Dessert table

Ashley, Ms. Rhonda and me.

Aunt Margaret, Mrs. Missy, Mrs. Sharon

Amanda and Julie

Some of Wendi's Dallas buds.

more friends...

Townley Times...

My Aunt Terry, cousin Sharon and her three girls Lindsey, Courtney and Whitney traveled south from Arkansas to spend a few days with us in July. We have alternated between Arkansas and Texas for the past few summers for our little "Townley Times" reunion. (My mom's maiden name is Townley.) We had a great time until a tummy bug took over and bit me and a few others. Booo! Till the next Townley Times!!
Sharon had shirts made and this is the best pic we got. We planned to take one with us all actually wearing them, but that didn't happen when we all got sick.

Sharon and Wendi with eachother's youngest. These babies were born a week apart, Graham and Whitney. Something was really funny. AL and Courtney putting on a little show.

Slip and Slide time and Popsicles!! Sweet cousins loving on Baby Georgia. This little missy decided she needed a bite of peanut butter, so why not use your hand!
Here Honey, have a bite. A little movie before naps.

It was great to be with the Townley women, just sad it was cut short!!