Tuesday, July 29, 2014


 We met Mimi and PawPaw and the Halls in Galveston. It was a tough year for the Galveston beaches and we had a little rain, but we made it a fun week. 

 A little cupid shuffle and gangnam style.

 Mimi got the kids cute red, white and blue outfits.

 The Moody Gardens watermark was a hit. 

 Mimi's always up for feeding the birds. Glad its her, not me. 

 The golf cart provided lots of etertainment.

 After Galveston, we stayed in Houston for the weekend and went to the Astros game.

 Mimi treated us to a pedi.

After Galveston and Houston, we were headed straight to Pine Cove Family Camp in Columbus, TX... 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Up next...

Up next for our crazy summer of 2014 was a great weekend at Coaches Outreach. We absolutely love attending this conference every year and it was so fun to spend it with our good friends, the Shermans.
 While the kids were with Honey and Papa, we left Coaches Outreach and drove to Midland to meet the movers. The house was already packed, but we spent one last night at our sweet, little Midland home and then followed the movers to Dallas. 

 Not sure how they got that all to fit.
 Beyond thankful for this home.
 Had ourselves a nice little blowout on highway 20 in the Middleofnowhere, Texas. Just added a little hiccup to the summer adventures.
We got unloaded and somewhat unpacked in Dallas and then 5 days later headed to Galveston with Mimi, PawPaw and the Halls...

Annual Watkins Lake-Cation

Trying to catch up with the blog and our summer happenins....Back in June, we closed on our house in Dallas and the same day we met Honey, Papa and the Junods at the lake for our annual Lake-Cation! Always an awesome time with my family!

Honey and Papa and their troops.

crazy daddy

B wanting some love.

AL on skis
 the sisters making sure they still could hang.

our offspring

The lake is definitely our happy place!