Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Anna Lou's Pinkalicious Party!

If you have a little girl you probably have heard of the book Pinkalicious. This is Anna Lou's favorite book so we had to have a Pinkalicious party! The book is about a girl who disobeys her parents and eats too many pink cupcakes, so she turns pink. I asked her what kind of birthday party she wanted and she said "A pink party with pink cake!" Perfect!! This was a fun party to plan with some borrowed pink stuff from friends Shannon and Amanda, some scrapbook paper and some online searching we were ready for our Pinkalicious Party! I had the party at my parents house, on a Friday so it was mostly my mommy friends and all of AL's buddies.
Our Pinkalicious birthday girl!

The food table minus the jello jigglers that I forgot to put out!!
There is a part of the book where Pinkalicious has to eat all green food to turn back to normal so we had a tray of just green food.

pink drink.

Party favors: girls- sparkle battons, boys- green frogs and snakes
AL got this doll from Santa

Quirky smiles from sis and bro before the party.
(We asked the girls to wear pink and the boys to wear green.)
Dave came to the party for the first hour. Here we are in our pink and green.
Friends, family and great weather!

After playing outside for a while we came inside for story time with Honey!
Honey ready the Pinkalicious book with lots of little eyes and ears open.

I don't think Brady was that interested in the book:).
Then we went outside to play "Pin the Cherry on the Cupcake." Most of the kids were not fans of the blindfold, ha!

Then it was time to eat.

Then time for cupcakes!

Then time for cotton candy!

Then pinata time!

Then we sent them all hope to nap. ha! Sorry mom for all of the sugar!
It was a great, Pinkalicous day and Anna Lou loved every minute!