Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow week...

Unless you have been asleep for a week, you are well aware of the northern blast that hit north Texas. Crazy!!! Dave went to school on Monday and that was it for the entire week. In my 30 years, I have definitely never seen a week of weather like this in Dallas! We were all suffering from some cabin fever but it was nice to have dad around all week. We made some ventures out here and there, very slowly and very carefully! Most of the pics are from my phone and always turn out terrible. Honey and Papa drove over one day to help us entertain the munchkins for a little bit and ended up taking Anna back home with them for a sleepover. She loved every minute of it! The weather got bad again the next day and she almost stayed another night. Honey and Papa offered, but we seriously missed our girl and drove to pick her up. On a side note- Graham kept going to her empty room and crying! Poor thing missed his sis!Daddy helped make this fort or "tent" as Anna kept calling it.
Sharing a snack in the "tent." They rain/sleet/ice came and stayed all week! And then it snowed and snowed. This is our street.
After this snow, Daddy somehow made it to the donut shop that he takes the kids to every Saturday morning.
One night we were able to make it out of the house to a fun dinner with our good friends, The Shermans.
Finally, the sun came out and the snow started to melt which made for perfect snowman building snow!

I didn't think G would last long outside, but I think he was so tired of being in the house, he did not care.

Snowball fight!
Our snowman. More like a hobit or ewok!:)

Fun times, but I think we have done our time with winter weather for the year! Here's to Spring time!!

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The Junods said...

The boys will love these pictures. They really wanted to see Lou Lou playing in the snow. Barrett things there will be snow when we come this summer. Looks like yall had a memorable week!! Those are the best! I love you and your babies!