Sunday, September 25, 2011

So Long, Insecurity

I know this book has been out a little while, but if you have not had the chance to read So Long, Insecurity, YOU MUST!! I have had the pleasure of doing the group study on this book the past few months with some amazing women! What a priviledge to get to study God's Word using the wonderful words of Beth Moore, along side my fellow coaches wives at MHS! We are not finished with the study and I anxiously await all that it is going to teach me. I am so thankful for these coaches wives and this wonderful book! Even if you can't do the study with a group, get the book and READ IT!

Go Lions! Go Broncos!

Somehow I missed these pictures and forgot I had them to blog about. Back at the end of the summer, when the Junods were still in town, we all went to cheer on Daddy (or Uncle Dave's) Lions and Papa's Broncos! They scrimmaged eachother to start of the football season. Quick high five from the Coach.
We had a chance to see Papa at halftime and got a few pics. I love this of Papa and his 5 prized possessions!! What a wonderful Papa and Coach he is!!

We are all looking a little sweaty and tired but fun to all be together at our second home, a football field!

We love the Lions! We Love the Broncos! But we really love the COACHES!!

The Lion King...

Last weekend Daddy had a little extra time off since it was our bye week. Anna and I headed to see the Lion King while Daddy and Graham spent some time together. I don't know who was more excited, me or Anna! She loved the animals especially the baby lions, she told me. It was in 3D but the 3D glasses only stayed on about half the time.
We had a fun little afternoon date and then met Honey, Papa, Daddy and Graham for dinner at the new Rosa's that opened by us!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Big First Day!

We had our big first day of school last week! Anna started her first year at pre-school and Graham had his first day at Mother's Day Out! It was a wonderful day for all! Half of these pictures are from my phone so the quality isn't great.

The night before school started Anna had this cute snack bag to enjoy along with a cute poem about not being nervous about school and how much fun they would have. Enjoying her snack with Daddy the night before the big day. Daddy is WAY long gone by the time they wake up in the morning so he was gave her a first day pep-talk the night before. Although she didn't really need it! This girl was SO excited to start school!
The next morning dressed and ready!

Clapping for school!

Before this pic, Anna said, "Mommy, how bout I do this?" hee hee.
Showing her new backpack from Honey and Papa.

Graham takes this basket to MDO.

Finally at school, Anna was ready to go! I didn't get a pic of Graham going to his room because there were a few tears. Little man had about 10 seconds of tears and then was fine. His sweet teachers said he had a wonderful day and never cried again. At naptime, one of his teachers picked him up, he laid his head down on her shoulder , then she laid him on his napmat and he went to sleep. what? Who are these women with super-powers?! He is a good sleeper, but had no idea how it would go at school.

After school we got a quick pic with Honey.

Then we enjoyed some amazing cookies from Tiff's Treats with our friends Hudson and Emerson!

All in all is was a super day! Anna told me numerous times that she was ready to go back to pre-school! Both kids have wonderful teachers who will love on them all day long while they are away from me. We are so thankful for Parkway Hills!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teacher treat idea...

Here is cute, easy, affordable teacher treat idea I would love to share! Buy the Junior Mint movie-style box of candy at the grocery store and attach a tag with a ribbon. I used green cardstock and whatever ribbon I already had. The tag says...Mrs. Christi, You were "MINT" to be my teacher this year! "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" Jeremiah 29:11

Love, Anna

I hope this little treat encourages Anna and Graham's teachers! Afterall, God did pick them to my children's teachers this year!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pre-school Meet the Teacher!

We cannot believe it is FINALLY time for Anna to start at preschool!
"Honey's School," as she calls it! We went to the preschool orientation last week and got all geared up for a wonderful year at Parkway Hills! Here is Honey speaking to the entire group making all these young mamas feel so good about sending their babies to her! Honey, Kate (Wendi's long time friend and my friend Jill's little girl) and Anna
Mrs. Christi's cute little class talking about praying before we enjoy our snack.

Checking out the new toys.
Adorable Mrs. Christi who Anna already LOVES!

Hudson, Anna and Kate


Our friend Hudson is in one of the four-year old classes. Anna did not want to let go of the balloon in her hand!

Our favorite preschool director, Honey!!

Could not be happier to send Anna to such a wonderful school where she is loved, nurtured, encouraged, stretched and most importantly taught about Jesus!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Anna Lou...the next Mary Lou!!!

I think we may just have the next Mary Lou living under our roof! Ha!! Anna had her first gymnatics class this week and it was a blast! She was so pumped about going until it was actually time to go. She was a little ball of nerves! Once the class got started she was all about it! Graham and I sat and watched and I loved every minute of it! Cute Miss Danielle was her teacher and Anna loved her! She was awesome with the itty bittys!! They have the option of wearing a leotard, but we must dress the part, right?!

Here she is jumping on the trampoline, her favorite part! I mean, who's arms look pretty darn good, huh? (Don't worry I won't become that stage mom, I promise!)
Forward roll time.

The parents sit along the wall on a bench and I was worried she might want to come over to me, but no, all I got was a few waves and lots of smiles!

beaming it.

Back home with bro who she continues to tell "when you get big, you can go to matchstix!"

So we've signed up for 3 days a week, 3 hours a day.

Ha! Not really! Just one hour a week and definitely one hour she will enjoy each week!!

Go Anna Lou! (The next Mary Lou) See you at the 2020 Olympics!

MIMI comes to visit!

MIMI came in from Houston to visit for a few days last week! Dave was working, working, working but me and the kids had a great time with MIMI! We had so much fun playing and hanging with her! MIMI blessed us with some great meals, fun times and new shoes for all of us! Even Mommy got some!! Thank you MIMI for a fun few days and looking forward to another visit in September!! MIMI and Anna rode the carousel at the mall, the only pic I got. What a fun MIMI!