Sunday, January 16, 2011

'Bout time for that big girl bed!

It was about time for our almost three year old to move to a big girl bed. We didn't push the issue since she never tried to climb out of her crib and there really was no reason for her to switch. She had been in a hand-me-down crib from Wendi and Nick since Graham was born and it has worked great! She is a good sleeper so I was also nervous to mess all of that up. Kind of on a whelm, we decided this weekend would be a good time to make the move. I was very excited that she would be sleeping in the bed I slept in my entire childhood. Mom and Dad graciously said we could have it for AL. I let her pick out sheets and she picked Hello Kitty. I figured that might make her a little more excited. For now she is using some bedding from a set I had after college. It's not so "little girlish" but it will work for now. Here she is saying bye to her crib with a little jump.
Dave got the crib taken down and the bed put together Friday evening when he got home from work.
G and AL checking out the guard rail. (Wish those things were prettier! They really take away from our room decor. ha!)
We had to make sure all 45 babies and blankets made it to the big bed too. And dont forget the pillow pets:)!
She was "tending" (pretending) here for me.
So far she has done great! The first night she did stumble or climb, we are really not sure out of the bed at 4 a.m. Dave quickly put her back in bed and she went straight to sleep. Then that morning she woke up at normal time and came out of her room. She was told numerous times to stay in her bed and call for mommy or daddy when she woke up. So she got a little punishment, but we have not had that problem since. :) This is a time when I love having the video monitor! I love being able to see what she is doing in there! Nighttime and naps have gone great and praying it continues!

Snow much fun!

Last Sunday it snowed and snowed and snowed! Anna Lou was excited to get out and play a little. I think she lasted 5 or 10 minutes, but that is about how long I lasted too!

This little buddy was not thrilled to be in the snow so he just sat on the porch and watched. And did this when I would put his hat on.

On Monday, Dave's school was cancelled, so he was home with us. Yippee! We bundled everyone up and walked to the park close to our house.

Anna was a little shocked to see "her" park covered in snow.
But we still got some swinging in. Oskie got come along and he loved chasing the ball in the snow.
Back at home we thought we would have a taste.
So why not bring some inside and make it taste even better. Snow ice cream!
The snow has finally melted but now it is just wet and cold. Bring on Springtime!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Be Careful!

I shared this with most of my friends, but would love to get the word out to everyone! A scary situation happened to my sister, her husband and some friends. Please go to her blog and read It's a great reminder that we need to always be on guard and so careful out there!

Monday, January 10, 2011

BU Goes Bowlin'!

We traveled south down I-45 to watch a little BU football. Honey and Papa so graciously kept Graham and little Georgia so the 4 adults and the "older" kids could make the trip. Not much of a game, but still fun to fling our green and gold! We had to make a pit stop at Buc-ees! If you are traveling on 45, it's a MUST! The advertise about their clean restrooms and they are the best I have ever seen! Better than my own! And they have tons and tons of great road trip snacks! Adults got snacks too!
Headphones were great! Then we didn't have to listen to Woody, My Little Pony or Clifford. Especially great when the little girl on the right started singing WAY off key and about one of every three words. It provided some great entertainment!

It rained off and on our entire way down there. Once we got to Houston it was a down pour!!! We stopped to visit Wendi and Nick's dear friends Jackie and Mark and then headed to the Reliant Stadium. Thank goodness for an enclosed stadium! This picture doesn't do the flood justice! And the chaos trying to get into the game.
We bought the cheap seats but got a great view of the BU proud!

A little later, Nick and Wendi's friends worked their magic to get us down with the big dogs!
So we were completely soacked on the way in and by this time had dried out.
The kids had fun, of course. Except Anna did not understand why we could not go down and run around the field after the game.
That good Ol Baylor Line! Even Dave had his paw up:!
Seemed the Bears could never get it going and unfortunately lost their first bowl appearance in 15 years. was a fun, quick trip. and worth the drive. We never get to go to Homecoming anymore since we are in the heart of our own football season, so it was fun to support the Bears! My lucky husband headed out to Pasedena, CA for the Rose Bowl the next morning from Houston with his brother and dad, so Wendi, Nick, I and the kids headed back to Dallas. These three were pooped after cheerin' for the Bears!
HUGE thank you to H&P for keeping the little bits so we could make this trip. H&P were also hosting 35 people at their house the next night for our big Watkins Christmas, but jumped at the chance to help us out! Thank you so much!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day with Honey, Papa, Wendi, Nick and the Junod kids. Here is Papa in "heaven" with four of his five babies at the Christmas Eve service at our church. (Graham's wiggles wouldn't make it through the service, so he stayed in the nursery.)
The Watkins Fam
I don't have pictures, but Christmas Eve night we started a tradition a few years ago of having a fish fry. Papa fried lots of yummy fish, french fries and hushpuppies! Mmmm! Later, Papa read the real Christmas story from Luke while little ones listened/ had ants in their pants! Then the kids got the cookies and milk ready for Santa and left some food for the reindeer in the front yard. They headed to bed and Santa got to work.

The next morning here they came looking a little bed-headish.
AL checking out her Pinkalicious doll and tricycle!
Kids and their loot.
G helping AL get started on the trike.

So fired up about his firetruck!
She rode and rode and rode!
The little bits.
Getting warmed up for her turn.
Stocking time.
Everyone shared their new toys!
Our great Aunt Rosie joined us for presents and Christmas lunch. Love her so much!!
H&P and their pride and joy.
Present time! More bows!
The boys got new boots!
Aunt Rosie gave all of the kids pillow pets and they decided to try them out.

The cutest little sparkle pink Toms from Aunt Sissy!
Batman and Spiderman!
Unveiling of the big gift from H&P for Anna Lou!
Of course, she loved her new "jeep" as she calls it!
The babies got plenty of new fun things including these cute little wagons.
Honey fixed a wonderful Christmas lunch that I dont have pictures of:(.
Then the kids napped (and maybe a few adults). Christmas night we got the fire pit going for some hotdogs and smores. It was chilly outside!
The cold didn't seem to bother these two!

Getting dessert ready!
Time for Smores! Or just plain marshmallows!
AL and Aunt Sissy
They were kinda messy.
Time for baths with some foam soap.
Brooks DS from Santa was a big hit. I think these two had no idea what he was doing, but they sure enjoyed watching! (I know there are so many exclamations in this post!!!!!:) But everything really was so exciting! Kids at Christmas is the BEST!!)
A few nights later everyone came to our house for dinner. Little Georgia wanted to be with the big kids.
It was such a blessing to have Wendi, Nick, Brooks, Barrett and Georgia here from Doha for Christmas! We tried to soak up every minute we had with them!! The kids had a blast together and of course the adults too! Honey and Papa were amazing as always cooking, cleaning, holding, entertaining, hugging and loving on us and our kids!