Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cheerin' for the Bears!

We have been cheering for the Baylor Bear baskteball teams all week and weekend. Unfortunately the mens team lost to Duke today but the women play tomorrow against the Duke women. Go Lady Bears! Here are our little bits in their spirit wear.

Screaming for BU!
Got her paw up! Sic Em!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Papa!

Friday night we celebrated Papa's birthday at Honey & Papa's house. It continues to amaze me how blessed we are to live in the same town as my parents! I love being able to get together to celebrate all of the special days. If we ever move, they will have to come with us! We first spent a little time outside in the sunshine.
And then Papa opened his card from Anna and Graham with his Lowe's giftcard.
After a yum dinner and baths, it was time for Papa's favorite, chocolate pie! Anna Lou was there to help with the candles.
And she was there to make sure it tasted just right!
And Baby G relaxing with his Papa. (Everyone is saying these days that these two look alike.)
And a random blurry pic from this morning of Anna Lou showing me her rain boots before we headed out the door to Home Depot. We were doing a little home improvement and so glad Honey and Papa were there to help with the improvement and the entertaining of the little ones. Have I mentioned I am glad they live so close!
Happy Birthday Papa! We love you so very much!

Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Patty's Playdate...

My friend, Joanna and Anna's friend, Pierce had us over for a St. Patty's playdate. Lots of great green food! Sidney, Kate, Macie
Kate and Macie
Arrington twins
AL loving their puppy Duncan
Kate, Harper, Anna Lou
Conner and Graham wide eyed
Conner yummy green cookie.

Our host, Pierce.
Sidney and AL

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Weekend in Houston...

The four of us traveled to Houston to start off our spring break visiting Mimi and PawPaw and Dave's brother's family who lives just around the corner. On Saturday we went to the Houston livestock show and rodeo with Mike, Kim and their 3 girls. Mimi was so sweet to keep Carter and Graham at home so we could take the older girls. We spent a lot of time inside the arena looking at the animals, especially the baby animals.
Emery, Mike, Anna Lou and Dave
Anna Lou LOVED the animals!
AL, Aubrey, Lily and Emery checking out the piggies, their favorite!
This mama pig had just given birth a few days before and was pinned in this contraption on her side so she could rest and nurse her piglets. Also, so she wouldn't harm them by lying down on them and accidentally crushing them. Yikes! Sounds pretty good for the new mom:)!
Piglets, so cute and squealing like crazy which the girls loved!

We did a lot of hand holding.
And we ate a lot! Let's start with popcorn which was huge hit with the little ones.
Funnel cake!
Aubrey enjoying!
How about a corn dog?Anna didn't love it which was fine by us. More for us!Lily showing me her funnel cake.And the winner is...fried snickers! The best!Yes, I'll take another bite!A fun afternoon with our Anna Lou!
Thanks Mimi for taking care of our little man!
The next day, after church and naps, we went to a fun park.
Mimi brought snacks, which were a hit of course!
Sweet cousins helping push Anna Lou.
Aubrey and AL

Cutie pie Carter.
It was a great weekend with great weather, and lots of fun with family that we love!!