Monday, March 1, 2010

Anna's Hoppy Birthday Party!

Anna has always loved "Ribbits," so we had to have a froggy party! And we found this fun little place called My Gym to celebrate our sweetie.

Bithday girl ready to par-tay!

Our fam- Anna thrilled to take the pic.Graham was in great hands!Mimi with ALBall pit! Blake and Kate
Papa Mike and Mimi with G
My sweet friend Julie, who is prego with TWINS due in September!
Dave and AL during circle time.

Julie and Amanda with Emmy
Pels Family
Time for a ride in the bucket. AL not too sure about this!
Our shorty's funny little head peaking out.
A kiss for Emmy from Honey.
Pretty Julie with G
Kate H. and Harper
Colin climbing.
Story time- this girl that lead the party was awesome! The kids were wide-eyed!

Time to swing.
Mimi taking care of G for me.
Blowing out the candles with a little glare from the sun shining in.
Time to eat.

A few of the dads had to get in on the action!

lots of swinging!

Jeremy and Mackenzie

Dave and AL
Some of the mamas.
Now time for bubbles.

Party favors- everyone got frog marshmallows, a frog balloon and a blow up frog.
I still cannot believe our little Anna Louise is 2! It was a fun afternoon celebrating with family and friends! Hoppy Birthday Anna Lou!


SSlamar said...

What a great party! Can't believe she is 2. She's SO adorable!

Amy E. said...

Too cute!! Love the frogs!!

shannonmichaelis said...

Cool place, neat theme, and those cupcakes - you are a Watkins, so I know you made those adorable things! Love all of it. And swings at a gym place - who knew? Happy 2nd bday to that precious sweet girl!

Shannon said...

What a precious froggy party for a precious 2 year old! Reagan just went to a party at that place and LOVED IT! They let the birthday girls (they were twins) ride out on motorcycles and then swing as they sang Happy Birthday. Such fun!

Hillary Kouba said...

Could you be anymore cute and creative!! What a fun idea! Good job and it looks like they had so much fun!

Caryn said...

So cute! I love all the froggy details! And those invitations were darling. Looks like everyone had a hoppy time! wink wink

The Junods said...

Ash that is awesome! All of it. The Froggy stuff is adorable! Way 2 Go on those cupcakes!! That place is awesome. In Doha (or Britsh terms)...that is called "soft play". We need to go there this summer. The B's would love it. Sure wish we could have been there. What a great afternoon! Love you!

Kendra said...

Wow...what a FUN party! We're so sad we missed it but so glad we got to see pictures. LOVE all the Hoppy details! You're way too creative! SO cute! Hoppy, Hoppy Birthday Anna Lou!

Mrs Garrett: The Facts of a Football Life said...

so cute - I love the frogs! The cupcakes were so cute!!