Monday, February 25, 2013


I was beyond blessed to attend the dotMOM conference this weekend! 
It was uplifting, encouraging, gut wrenching and down right incredible! 

Sweet friends that I attended with- Heather, Sarah and Lisa. (My head is so large in this pic, let's hope its the angle.)

I also ran into Wynne who I know from BU and I haven't seen in years! She has an incredible story so check our her blog sometime.

I got to listen and soak up some amazing words from Vicki Courtney, Priscilla Shirer, Angie Smith and John Croyle. Worship was by Travis Cottrell who leads worship for Beth Moore's Living Proof. He rocked our socks off! Goodness gracious, he has a gift! We also went to several breakout sessions that were awesome. I wanted it to never end! I felt like I couldn't write fast enough and I could listen to each speaker/presenter for hours. I'm hoping the tidbits I brought home will make a difference in my life. So thankful for this time and what the Lord taught me. Also thankful for Dave and Honey and Papa keeping the 3 amigos so that it was possible! I am forever changed!

Giddy Up!

Graham had western day at MDO, so we got all gussied up in our boots, wranglers and shirt! He recently grew out of his boots passed down by cuz Barrett, so we borrowed some from our friends, the Scotts. They also sent over some little wranglers that we decided must be a purchase for G in the near future! Men wear boots in this family so he better get used to it!

Love my little cowboy!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Birthday Day!

The eve of her big day! 

G wanted to do it too.
February 19th was the actual big day!
We changed pj's because she was hot, she told me.

Off to school.

The birthday treasure chest in Honey's office.
She picked sprinkle donuts for her class treat. 

We love Mrs. Alice Ann!

We didn't have much going on her actual birthday-day so she and Honey went to Build-A-Bear! 

And dippin' dots.

What a special day! Thank you Honey for the best afternoon!

I can hardly believe this girl is five years old! I think of her as my itty bitty baby who didn't eat much, didn't sleep much, but had the best smile, soft raspy voice and bright brown eyes! She has grown up so much this past year! As much as I am not ready, she is ready for kindergarten. She is the most wonderful big sister to her brothers. Graham is her very best friend and she thinks Boone hung the moon. She never questions when I ask for her help with the boys. She takes her role as big sis seriously and loves leading the way. She loves art, dolls, dresses, jewelry and fruit! She also loves to play hard, kick and hit a ball hard!  Anna Lou, aka Lou Lou, has such a sweet spirit and desires to do well in everything. She still has a shy side every once in a while, but when sister is comfortable, watch out! She enjoys playing by herself (I don't blame her sometimes wanting to escape the chaos) and still is deep into pretend play with barbies, her doll house or whatever. She still wants to sit in my lap, and always wants me to scratch her back or head or face or arm or anything. My little physical touch baby! What a joy it is to watch this little one grow into a little girl. She lights up my life every single day!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

5 sweet years!

Where did the past five years go?? This is Anna Lou on her first and fifth birthdays!

 Happiest birthday to our firstborn, only daughter, sweet, helpful, smart and girly Anna Louise!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Birthday!

The celebrating continued at home Saturday night with Honey and Papa spoiling her!  Her favorite treat from them was a coupon for a trip to Build-A-Bear!      

Sweet Aunt Mary sent this cute cheerleader Barbie that she LOVES!

 Sunday we celebrated with our little family. Graham gave her some art supplies.
 More HK!

So excited to get this Rapunzel doll she has had here eye on for weeks from the Junods!

Dave went to pick up the cupcakes on Saturday morning for AL's party. They had made a mistake and made this huge hot pink cupcake-cake! Not exactly what I had ordered, but they fixed the mistake and sent Dave on with both orders, 72 cupcakes!! Anyone in the north Dallas area want a cupcake?!  

Anna Lou saw the hot pink cupcake-cake and LOVED it so we had to try it and blow out the candles again!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anna Lou's Bowling Party!

Anna Lou had a bowling party this year with a little Hello Kitty flair. We love all things Hello Kitty! It was such a fun day celebrating with Anna Lou's sweet little friends. The kids bowled, ate pizza and cupcakes, and played games in the arcade. 

The poor little boys got Hello Kitty bags, but their treats were a little different. 

The very large HK balloon! What do with her now?

Such a lovely family pic by the car. ha!

Thanks to Honey and Papa for so much help before, during and after the party!

We asked the kids to bring books for Children's Hospital instead of gifts. She gets plenty of loot from family! So glad we did this and will be a new tradition! We have twenty books to take to the hospital.

It was such a fun day for our little MISS 5 YEAR OLD!