Monday, January 16, 2012

Girly Getaway!

Sarah and I made a trip to Austin to visit our dear friend, Lindsay, who moved there last summer. Our first stop was to see my college bff and roommate, Amanda, and her new baby boy, Abel! What a little pumpkin he is looking just like his big bro and his mama!

Big bro, Rhett, was napping most of the time, but I was able to squeeze this cute little bed-head before we left.
Lindsay shipped her husband Jeremy and two cute kids off to her in-laws and we enjoyed a relaxing weekend EATING, talking A LOT, sleeping and just catching up! Friday night we enjoyed some Mexican food at The Oasis.
Saturday we slept late and then headed to see some Austin highlights. We choose our lunch spot based on Jeremy's recommendation and seemed popular since the line was long (like one full hour to get in the door)! With no kids and no schedule, we didn't care! It was worth the wait for some HopDoddy's burgers! Don't judge the size of Lindsay's and my burger! We are both feeding two, ha!
We checked out the food trailers and got a cupcake from Hey Cupcake!

We are not really pedi girls, considering no one had had one in 6 months or so, but we enjoyed thoroughly!

Saturday night we chatted more, pigged out again and chuckled at the Miss America pageant! I had to make them check out the Tebow (I mean, Denver:) score too. Sunday morning we ate breakfast at yummy little cafe close to Lindsay's house and then Sarah and I headed back to Dallas. It was precious time with two precious friends that I cherish so much! We missed our 6 kids and husbands but time with my lady friends was such a blessing!

Thank you to Honey for loving on my babes the first night we were gone! Dave was supposed to go hunting all weekend, but unfortunately got cancelled and he had the babes the second night. I came home to my sweet family and a spic and span house on Sunday, what a guy?!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Years Rockin' Eve...

New Years Eve seems to be an overrated holiday in our book. We always do something very low key or not much at all. This year we got together with good friends, the Scotts and the Arringtons. We all brought the kids and kept them up way past their bedtime. It was a great way to ring in the New Year!

Cuddling friends- Sean, Kaelin, Anna and Shae
The kids told us they were in a band!

Anna adores these two!
Ashley and Ryan- those nuts!
We made Heather and Jim do the "prom pose."
We are so boring!
Thank to the sweet Scotts for having us for a Rockin' New Years Eve!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Watkins Christmas Finale:(

We continued our tradition of a fish fry over Christmas. Papa worked hard frying' up the fish, hush puppies and fries!
Sweet Georgia!
G loved the fish too!

Sweet cuzzys!
G's favorite is always dessert.
Wouldn't be a gathering at H&P's without a donut tree! The kids planted the seeds the night before (cheerios.)

Woohoo, the donuts grew!!

These next few were New Years Eve when we had to say bye to the Junods. boo:(((!
Prayers before our last lunch together.
H&P and their 5 loves!
These next few bring on a wave emotion all over again. Let's just say there were no pics taken of the adults, especially the women! It is always so hard to say goodbye! We made wonderful memories again with the Junods, but are praying them back to the U.S. as soon as possible. Of course praying God's will for their family, but I'm just certain His will for them is back here soon:)!
These kids love each other so much!

Better close this post or I might fall apart again!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Watkins Christmas- Part 2

More present pics...
Awesome tent for AL from her cousins.
Time for Christmas dinner!

Honey had a few fun games like Find The Pickle in the Tree...Nick won.

Proud Brooks!
More goodies in the stockings!

Just love being with my family!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Watkins Christmas- Part 1

We went to Honey and Papa's to celebrate our Watkins Christmas. They only live 25 minutes away, but we spent three nights there. Some might think that is crazy, but it's normal for us! The guys went deer hunting one day, we had our Christmas dinner and presents another day, Baylor played the next day and we had lots of fun times in between all of that!
The cousins always love slumber party and so do the adults!
This is part one:

A little football in the backyard, with the coaches calling plays from their chairs:).

love this of Brooks!

The ladies with our Great Aunt Rosie.

In the afternoon we opened presents from each other and Honey and Papa. This pop gun just might have been Graham's favorite present of the entire holiday!

A real DOHA Barbie from her cousins!
G got trains from his cousins that have been a huge hit with everyone!
Georgia loves her Elmo and I love her!
G's got a love for George!

More to come!