Tuesday, November 27, 2012


"Mom, I need some more hookers." - My four year old referring to the hooks on the ornaments.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Disney on Ice!

We decided to spend less on toys this Christmas and more on an experience.  I am SO glad we did this! Disney On Ice came to the Allen Event Center which made it even better since it was so close by! Thankful Honey kept Boone at home so Dave and I could enjoy a couple of hours with Anna Lou and Graham.

Lots of clapping along!

Oh the cheers and squeals that came when Minnie and Mickey came out!

I was so impressed with the Alice and Wonderland act although the kids has no idea who they were. 

You can barely see sweet little G's hand on daddy's leg the entire show unless he was waving or clapping.


Here comes Tink! Anna Lou was smiling so big!

"Those lions aren't real, I think that is just a costume, but that is the REAL Tinkerbell and the REAL Snow White." - AL

G struggling once again to look at the camera!

Lion King

Snow White.

 A whole new world! 


The Little Mermaid


All of the princesses and princes!

twizzlers in my purse where a little more economical than the $12 cotton candy! wow!
more waving!

Daddy got suckered into this awesome sword and the beautiful Rapunzel hair. ;)
 Notice G's eyes, seriously!
The kids absolutely LOVED the show! Dave and I did too! My pictures are horrible compared to the real show. The costumes, music and special effects were amazing! I could not get enough of watching them smile so big and get so excited about the entire show. Awesome memory for our family!

Thanksgiving in Houston...

We headed to MIMI and PawPaw's for Thanksgiving this year. 

 Time at the park with the Hall cousins.

Aunt Joan was in town too!

Trying and trying to get G to look at the camera!
 Some of the Chenoweths, Halls and MIMI and PawPaw for Thanksgiving lunch.
 kiddie table

The boys having some pumpkin pie.

The biggest and smallest Hall cousins!
Great to spend time with our Houston family!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Before traveling to Houston for Thanksgiving, we made a side trip to Fredericksburg to MIMI and PawPaw's B&B in Fredericksburg. We invited Honey and Papa to go along with us!

Pretty sweet road trip when 2 of your 3 kids ride in the other car and the baby sleeps most of the way in your own car. Thanks H&P for entertaining and answering the 101 questions coming from the back seat.
 MIMI and PawPaw's place is right off of Main Street and walking distance to most everything. We walked to dinner every night and did a little browsing in the cute shops. They were getting decorated for Christmas all over Main Street.

Notice Dave in the caboose. ha!

So many pecans on the ground in the backyard. Kind of like an egg hunt!

The backyard is one of the very best things about this house!

 Go long, Graham!

Even B got some hammock time.

Hope she's not aiming for her brother.

Don't take the happy baby out of the carseat for a picture, he might not go back in it!

Swinging on the way to dinner.

West End Pizza! We choose Hondos the night before, which is also one of our favorites! Both have outdoor seating which is great for our crazy crew!

Sweet papa blow drying Anna Lou's hair. He did this hundreds of times for me growing up. Yes, my DAD dried my hair!

This was a first! Anna Lou and Graham sharing a bed! And also sharing room with us! It went really well although Graham is quite the rolly polly. I guess it didn't bother sis too much to have feet in her face.

Honey got suckers with funny lips on them. 

So nice to get out of town and breathe a little! Great to be with Honey and Papa, as always!! And thanks to MIMI and PawPaw for allowing us to have another stay at their wonderful B&B!