Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting real and a getaway...

Just getting a little bit real...the past several months have been tough. Not having our Daddy living in the same house as the rest of us really stinks, to put it gently. I know exactly why families were designed by God to have one mommy and one daddy. Lord bless those amazing single moms or single dads that do this alone. Now, I am definitely not alone! Our Honey and Papa go above and beyond helping me with these rascals daily! They are so gracious and so hospitable and so selfless. I'd be a total wreck with out them! But we sure do miss and NEED our Daddy. We CAN-NOT WAIT to all be together! Daddy needs his troops, too. He's about to bust to get us out there. I know in a year or so this time will seem so short, but here in the thick of it, it ain't fun. We completely trust the Lord's plan that He knew this is how it would have to be for us for a little while. And I guess he thought we could handle it. Mercy. Let's get that house built. was time for a little getaway for the 5 of us. Dave had a few days of school and his spring football game so we loaded up and headed west. This is the furthest I have driven by myself with the kids and somehow, we did survive. Graham is the best traveler and and doesn't make a peep if any dvd is playing. We may or may not have watched 4 movies on the way. Anna Lou was a champ helping mommy with Boone, handing him many snacks (including a twizzler) and toys along the way. AL did have her fair share of questions and funny statements like "I see a cactus, I think we are almost there." "There are those big pinwheels (wind turbines), we are getting so close." Boone, well, he's one. He slept here and there, but mainly babbled, ate and played. Overall, it was a victory! And a drive we will be making time and time again.

We stopped in Abilene for lunch and a little playground action. B always wanting to hang with the big kids, trying to tag along.
 Finally in Odessa, we made a stop at our hotel for a wardrobe change and headed to the spring game. Daddy brought us home some Permian gear last weekend.
 This is what this one wanted to do the entire time. When the real season begins next fall, can you say babysitter?
 A sweet reunion with our favorite coach after the game!

 Daddy came back to the hotel with us, and it felt great to all be under the same roof!
Friday morning we loaded up again to drive to Ruidoso, New Mexico. We haven't been there in a year and half and my sweet aunt and uncle always offer their house us. We are excited to be only 4 1/2 hours away once we live in Odessa. 

We stopped by to show the kids the progress on our house. The second floor isn't framed yet, but it is coming along. Unfortunately more slowly than we thought. :(
 the back.

 B in the garage.

We made it from the desert to the mountains in half a day. Pretty awesome! 
AL and G remembered the bunk beds and hurried up to their room for the weekend.

 The boys checking out new scenery.

 How 'bout some badminton.

 This house originally belonged to my Dad's parents, Dottie and Papa. My dad went here as a kid and we grew up going and now bringing our babies is pretty great. 

They went to throw rocks in the creek, but there wasn't a creek because of the drought.

Good morning. Photo by AL. (There is a Starbucks around the corner:)

 We went downtown to walk around the shops.

We came back for lunch and naps and I headed back to town for a pedicure and to read my awesome new book. I finished Sparkly Green Earrings which was great and read about half of Bread and Wine. Bread and Wine is so different and I am loving it!
 It was opening weekend for Ruidoso Downs and we wanted to try it out. 

 It's free to get in and such a fun, family outting. 
 The horses race about every twenty minutes.
 Lots of real cowboys around here.
 Daddy was coaching them up on making a bet. 
 B did what he does best, ate and hung out in the stroller. 
 Each time they would pick a horse, normally based on the name or color they liked. We had great odds;). 
 watching so intensely with his betting ticket.
 Here they come!

 Lots of treats, too.

 We did this for three hours and the kids ate it up! 
Back from a little hike.
Technology came along.
We drove up to Ski Apache for a ride on the Gondola.

After we got off the Gondola, we took a little hike to the highest point on Sierra Blanca.
Similar to the Vontrap Family!
The wind was blowing, but the sights were unbelievable.


They had a little grill at the top serving burgers. Nice spot for a picnic.

Back down the Gondola.
Later that day we stopped at playground to let the kids run around and a VERY serious 7 year old baseball tournament was going on. Sports parents are CRAZY, even in New Mexico. Of course, we heard most of the teams were from Texas. Don't you travel to another state with your 7 year old for baseball?!
Matching Under Armour bags, coach giving a serious pep talk. Goodness.
We dine on a patio any chance we get and had some good New Mexican food our last night.
Poor baby with the lemon trick.

But he kept going back for more!
Our meals kind of looked like this. Full of nutrition! No cooking was involved all weekend, which was awesome.
No cable at the cabin, but we watched a few dvd's. It's a nice break from tv!
We drove back to Odessa for one more day and night with with Daddy.

The kids were begging to swim, and then a thunderstorm came. We thought it never rained out there!

Dinner at Rosa's

Finished up with a movie in bed with some pooped kiddos.

The next morning, Daddy headed back to work and we hit the road. We made it back to Honey and Papa's after a wonderful, fun, refreshing, restful weekend with our Daddy!