Sunday, May 12, 2013

Anna Lou, the graduate!

Our little Miss is just about finished with pre-school.  Oh Lordy!

MIMI came in town for the celebration and also had this cute cookie bouquet delivered.


Papa, the hair dresser.

Thursday was the big day! Here come the graduates! So serious.

A little smile.
So sweet seeing all of these graduates.
Our incredible teacher, Mrs. Alice Anne.
This sweet little class has been together for two years. Such wonderful classmates for our Anna Lou!
Then it was time see a few songs for all of the mamas. It was also their End of Year and Mother's Day program.

 It's kind of hard to understand the words to their speedy song named, no lie, "Mama, Mama." But I could tell you every word and so could Graham. We have the cd playing in the car all of the time, but it is now officially retired!

The kids said a lot of the memory work from bible class- Books of the Bible, memory verses, The Lord's Prayer. So precious and thankful the scriptures are poured into these kids at school!

AL recited one of the alphabet memory verses. 
So thankful for MIMI holding this little peanut the whole time. 
He was very entertained by the preschoolers and clapped throughout the entire thing.

Flowers sent from Daddy! This girl loves her some flowers!

Such an incredible two years at Honey's school!!! Can't even wrap around my head around the fact that Graham and Boone won't be able to go to this school. :((((((

We cannot say enough about this incredible lady!!
Just the moms got join the kids for lunch in the classrooms. 

My firstborn is done with preschool and headed to the real world, KINDERGARTEN! Ahhhh!

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