Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Anna Lou's End of Year Party...

It was so fun to be helper/driver with Anna Lou's End of Year party and field trip! It was at a wonderful new and improved park in Frisco. 

 We've been working on this, and now have officially mastered the monkey bars.
Good buddies Jack and Elliot.
Payton and AL

Such a sweet group of kids!
The moms brought lunch, treats and party favors for the kids.

We attempted to feed the ducks, but the two ducks we saw weren't interested or already full for the day. So we just competed throwing the bread as far as we could.
Mrs. Alice Ann and her 10 cuties.

Before we left we had a balloon release. 
There is Mrs. Jerry (Honey) leading us in some songs before we let go. It was awesome hearing these sweet little voices belting out songs about Jesus at a public park. We had some onlookers.
She talked about how releasing the balloons was a symbol of sending all of our 5 year olds off to kindergarten. boo hoo.

Such a fun day with my little lady!

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