Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not a peanut anymore...

Well, she kind of still is a little peanut, but Anna Lou is growing. At her one year check up we know now that she is in the 25% in height and 15% in weight. This is a big step for her. She has been in the 10% for both for a while. She weighed a woopin' 17.8 lbs and is 28 inches long. A few pics from our visit to our pediatrician, my Uncle Jimmy. The best pediatrician in Dallas!

Showing me her claps before we went in.

Loving the big mirror.Not loving the scale!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Our little ladybug's party...

It was so much fun throwing Anna Lou's first birthday party. As you can see we went with the ladybug theme. Thank you to our wonderful friends and family that celebrated with us our most precious blessing, Anna Louise Hall! Although we definitely missed our sweet family that lives in Doha! We love you Aunt Sissy, Uncle Nick, Brooks and Barrett! I am so sorry for the MANY pics. I am working to figure out one of the collage things on Picasa, so if anyone wants to help me out, let me know.


Ashley and ALH

Hudson entertaining!
Honey and Papa

Dave, Chance and Kirk
Picnic on the floor. Bummer it was too cold to go outside!
Anna loves her Uncle Mike

Not too sure about the candle.

Sharing with Daddy

Lou loving her cupcake, but not sure of that black icing.

Papa and Anna Lou

Some of the mamas and kids. We missed a few that had already left.

Jayme, Mackenzi, Lindsey and Jeremy

Anna showing sweet Landon how she makes funny noises with her lips. She loved him!Cabell and Charlie (notice Anna's black hands from the cupcake, still a little black today:)
Memaw and Mimi with Anna Lou.
Great friends that came to celebrate!
Anna Lou loving her presents!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Weekend...

Anna had a great first Valentines weekend! Dave was out of town for a football clinic in College Station (the season never really ends:) so Anna and I got a special VDay dinner with my parents and my great Aunt Rosie. Here are some pics from dinner, Anna enjoying her special treats that her honey gave her, and her Vday breakfast at home. The pics are a little out of order, oh well!