Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not a peanut anymore...

Well, she kind of still is a little peanut, but Anna Lou is growing. At her one year check up we know now that she is in the 25% in height and 15% in weight. This is a big step for her. She has been in the 10% for both for a while. She weighed a woopin' 17.8 lbs and is 28 inches long. A few pics from our visit to our pediatrician, my Uncle Jimmy. The best pediatrician in Dallas!

Showing me her claps before we went in.

Loving the big mirror.Not loving the scale!


Katy said...

ok she is still my little peanut! those pictures were so precious! :)the ones of her in the doctor's office reminded me of AM at that age... I got sentimental!
Give Anna a hug for me!

The Bird Family said...

Ashley! (it is Ryan McFarland) I saw your pictures on facebook and got your blog from there. We have a 20 month old daughter and are expecting our second in september! Your little one is so precious!
Check out our blog - www.madelyngracebird.blogspot.com
Good to catch up with ya'll :)

Hollie said...

Ahhh, what a sweet girl! She looked like such a big girl in those pictures from the doctor's appointment!...too cute!