Monday, September 20, 2010

Football Fanatics!!

We just can't get enough football around here, I guess! Dave's team had a bye this week and they didn't have anyone to go scout on Friday night. So the four of us traveled to Denton to watch Papa's Broncos play. It was nice hanging out and watching the game with the other coaches' families from the "patio." Denton has recently rennovated their field house, locker room, weight rooms, etc and also built a great place to watch the games. We could sit outside on the "patio" or inside (in the AC!) in a meeting room. It also had a nice bathroom close by which was handy.

After an awesome, exciting game, the Broncos WON! We had to go hug Papa after the victory!
(wrong setting on my camera so this is blurry.) Graham had the wiggles and was VERY sleepy and only wanted Mama.
Papa and ALDave worked Saturday morning but had Saturday afternoon OFF! So we headed west to Fort Worth to watch the Frogs but a BEATING on the Bears. boooooo. We kind of saw it coming playing the #4 team in the nation! Oh well...Graham and I still needed to support the bears. Dave and Anna Lou wore the purple and Graham and wore our green and gold.
Packed House!
At half time we got to spread out a little, but during the game it was close quarters! I was a little nervous the whole time with two in our laps. Anna Lou was very entertained and Graham was WIGGLY! He would sit still for a while and just watch and then want to get down, or crawl up me or grab the person in front of us or next to us. Maybe not the best idea taking him. It was also a little toasty so I think that made Graham a little uncomfortable too. After letting Anna Lou watch a little of the "bams" (bands), her favorite part, we went to see some TCU friends and then headed out. The game was awful and we were hot, tired and hungry. But...we still had a really fun afternoon and we are so glad we went!
The frog fans!
The bears fans!
Can you tell Graham is pooped?
And this is what Graham does ALL of the time! This little head, duck, snuggle thing. I think it is so funny!

Cuz time!

Last week we had some fun playdates with cousins. (That is my cousins and their kids.) So whatever that makes them to Anna and Graham, 2nd, 3rd cousins, whatever. My cousin Chafen and husband Eric just moved to Dallas with their new baby Hal. It was wonderful to meet cutie little Hal and see their new beautiful house!

Graham wasn't interested in joining in the pics or sitting still long enough so these are the best I got.
We met my cousin Julie and her three kids at the fountains at the Village at Fairview one afternoon. AL had a great time and G enjoyed just watching from the sideline.
Little Ashley with her bucket.

Anna Lou and Grant

Abby making friends.
Grant and Abby
We brought our picnic dinner and stayed to watch the fountain show.
Normally the show is to music but the speakers were broken. We still enjoyed some major fountain action!
I am so glad we have so many great cousins so close!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Bubble Pizza, PB Brownies and a teacher gift...

I wanted to share a few easy peasy recipes and a thrifty teacher gift idea.
First off...
Bubble Pizza!
My sister sent me this recipe a long time ago and I made it then and then kind of forgot about it. It is so easy, quick, cheap and tasty!
What you need:
2 cans biscuits, not Grands, just regular smaller sized biscuits (mine came in a pack of 4 cans together)
1 jar of pizza sauce
1 bag of grated mozzerala (2 cups)
Any pizza meat or veggies you like. I used turkey pepperoni and half of one bell peper and half of one onion.
I cooked the chopped pepper and onion in a pan.
If you use ground beef/hamburger, cook it thoroughly first.
Cut the each biscuit into 4 pieces.
In a large bowl, combine biscuits, sauce, meat and veggies and put into 9x13 pan. You can also cook this in a bundt pan and it looks prettier. (I put the veggies only on half, so I put them on top after I poured it in the pan.
Bake at 350 for 20 minutes.
Add cheese on top and Bake for 10 more minutes.
Peanut Butter Brownies!
Bake a brownie mix (family size to fit 9x13 pan) according to directions on the box.
Allow to cool. Mix half a can of store bought vanilla icing with a big spoonful of peanut butter and spread on top. Add any topping you like chocolate chips, crushed reeses, crushed cookies or you could melt chocolate chips and do a drizzle. Easy and so good!
I saw something similar to this on a blog a long time ago and wanted to try it.
Here is what you need: Goo Gone, bottle of hand sanitzer that has removable labels, stickers, ribbons. If you wanted to do this for a holiday gift (Christmas, Valentines) look for stickers and ribbon to go with that. I got the stickers in the scrapbook sections at Hobby Lobby.

Remove the labels on the bottle and then use Goo Gone to get rid of the sticky stuff. Wash the bottle with soap and water and dry completely. Decorate with stickers and ribbons.

Here they are ready to take to school on the first day. The tag said something cheesy like "Keep the germs away and have a great first day!"
This was an inexpensive teacher gift that I am sure will get used at school. It's always fun to love on the awesome ladies that love on your child all day!

First Day of MDO...

Anna Lou started MDO this week! Woohoo!! We love her MDO program at Parkway Hills BC! Here is my attempt at a pic of the two of them before we headed out the door. Now that Anna Lou will cooperate a little more with pics, Graham will not sit still!

With her basket and lunch box. All of the kids take the baskets instead of backpacks.

She has two sweet-as-can-be teachers.
Mrs. Cindy
Mrs. Paula
As you can see in the pics above she got a little nervous going into the class. She warmed up quick when she saw all of the wonderful toys, puzzles, games, etc.
Graham and I had to swing by and see Honey in her office, which is just a building away from AL's MDO. Can't believe AL will be attending Honey's preschool in one short year!
And we finished the day with Anna Lou getting her dinner on the "You Are Special Today" red plate.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Johnson Twins!

Sweet Cooper and Campbell Johnson are HERE!! We have waited for their arrival and so thankful for a very healthy pregnancy and birth! It was so fun meeting our two new little friends.
Anna Lou was very excited to meet the babies! She told me all the way there "Going to see the babies!!" Here is she is with Mrs. Ross "Granny" and Campbell.
AL's interest of the babies quickly changed to interest in all of their baby gear. Here are my two toddlers trying out the nap nannies. Excuse us why we get our germs all over your baby's stuff! (Julie and David were telling them to lie down and try them out. Not me!) Now let's try the swing out.
I guess she remembered doing this to Graham. Although I think he liked a pacifier for about a week of his life.
David and Campbell, Julie and Cooper and Us
Some lovin' for Miss Campbell.
Doesn't Julie look amazing! Beautiful babies!!
I can't wait to watch these two grow! What a wonderful family to be born into. Julie and David already look like pros! They make twins look like a piece of cake!! C & C- you are loved so much by so many!!


(excuse the undies, buy thanks Jayme for these cuties!)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bathroom Humor:)

I am crossing my fingers that we have nailed down this potty thing. We haven't had an accidents in a few weeks. A few funny things have happened since we started this whole PT adventure. WARNING- a little too much info for some with all of this potty talk ...
  • AL has proudly announced in many public places, for example in the crowded AT&T store and in the long Target check out line that "Anna went T-T!!!" Yes, we still talk in third person most of the time.
  • AL will sit on the potty going #2 and look between her legs and tell me, "It's coming!"... gross.
  • AL calls cookies "tookies." And sometimes it sounds like "dookies." So when we were doing some major bribing at the beginning of PT with cookies, she told my mom "Anna got a big tookie!" which sounded like "Anna did a big dookie!" (Which she did both! ha!)
  • She likes to drag out the word big to sound something like "biiiiiiiig" so she enjoys checking out her business in the potty afterwards and telling everyone Anna did a biiiiiiig poopoo!"

These probably aren't that funny to you but if you could hear her little voice get so excited EVERY time she goes, you would laugh too!

Harper turns 2!

Anna Lou's little friend Harper turned two last week! We are so thankful for Harper and her mommy and daddy and their friendship! They are our church friends, neighbors and frequent playmates!! Harper had a fun swim party at our community pool.
Kate enjoying!
Opening presents.
Attemptina a group pic.
AL kept leaning in and saying "cheese" which I thought was hilarious. Who taught her to lean her head in like that?!
Happy 2nd birthday Harper! We love you!