Monday, September 20, 2010

Football Fanatics!!

We just can't get enough football around here, I guess! Dave's team had a bye this week and they didn't have anyone to go scout on Friday night. So the four of us traveled to Denton to watch Papa's Broncos play. It was nice hanging out and watching the game with the other coaches' families from the "patio." Denton has recently rennovated their field house, locker room, weight rooms, etc and also built a great place to watch the games. We could sit outside on the "patio" or inside (in the AC!) in a meeting room. It also had a nice bathroom close by which was handy.

After an awesome, exciting game, the Broncos WON! We had to go hug Papa after the victory!
(wrong setting on my camera so this is blurry.) Graham had the wiggles and was VERY sleepy and only wanted Mama.
Papa and ALDave worked Saturday morning but had Saturday afternoon OFF! So we headed west to Fort Worth to watch the Frogs but a BEATING on the Bears. boooooo. We kind of saw it coming playing the #4 team in the nation! Oh well...Graham and I still needed to support the bears. Dave and Anna Lou wore the purple and Graham and wore our green and gold.
Packed House!
At half time we got to spread out a little, but during the game it was close quarters! I was a little nervous the whole time with two in our laps. Anna Lou was very entertained and Graham was WIGGLY! He would sit still for a while and just watch and then want to get down, or crawl up me or grab the person in front of us or next to us. Maybe not the best idea taking him. It was also a little toasty so I think that made Graham a little uncomfortable too. After letting Anna Lou watch a little of the "bams" (bands), her favorite part, we went to see some TCU friends and then headed out. The game was awful and we were hot, tired and hungry. But...we still had a really fun afternoon and we are so glad we went!
The frog fans!
The bears fans!
Can you tell Graham is pooped?
And this is what Graham does ALL of the time! This little head, duck, snuggle thing. I think it is so funny!


shannonmichaelis said...

Frame that photo of you four in different colors - love it! Boo on Anna in purple, but hey, at least she cheered for the winning team! Love Graham's big boy tennis shoes...

The Junods said...

AWesome post. Wish we could have been at both games. Love the divided house pic. Mostly I love the last pic of the punkin and you! We're all gonna cry when he has to go to college away from his mama!

The Copeland Family said...

Love all the football gear, so glad you had some much-needed daddy time, too!

Sappington said...

Love the pics! Sooo sweet of you and Graham-he is such a little Watkins!