Monday, October 4, 2010

More Friday Night Lights!

Friday night was a thrilling night for the Hall House! After a back and forth, truly exhausting game we WON!! It was a HUGE win for the lions and so much fun to watch. We were all pooped after that game, especially the coaches wives, I mean players:)! Mimi was in from Houston for short trip to see the kids, see her baby coach and cheer the lions on to victory.
Here comes Allie! The drill team had a dance clinic a few weeks ago and the girls that attended got to do pregame with them. Our sweet friend Allie looked so cute! Just a few years, Anna Lou!
Mimi and her game buddy Graham.
Graham sat with Mimi almost the entire game, which was awsome for me so I could tend to AL and watch the game. Thank you Mimi!!

This is my attempt at a pic of AL&G. Ha! Good try! But at least you can see their cute shirts that Aunt Sissy sent them. So cute and so glad the weather is cool enough to wear them!

After the game there was a HUGE celebration on the field!! I seriously wanted to hold my gold helmet up in the middle of them. Ok, not really, but I truly think there is nothing like these "team" moments that kids get to be apart of when they play sports.
And what fun for the coaches! A pic of Dave and Coach Smith (the head man) huggin' it out! All of these men work their little tails off and so glad the could take home a well deserved win. Sure makes all that work more fun when you win, but we still love you when you don't!
Snuggles for Graham's favorite coach.

And this is what AL's favorite thing about the game is, seeing Daddy after the game and then running around the field.So proud of the Lions and those Lion Coaches! What a fun night!
I also had a few pics of when Mimi, Paw Paw and Aunt Joan passed through town a few weeks ago in the RV. They stopped for quick visit, and the kids loved a little ride around town in the RV (although Anna Lou called it the bus the entire time.)
Graham checking out Aunt Joan's jewels. (PawPaw behind the wheel.)
Mimi and G as we are cruisin' around.
I love AL and Aunt Joan big smiles for eachother.
Thanks for stopping by! Looks like a fun way to road trip!

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