Sunday, October 17, 2010

Graham's 1st Birthday!!!! (part 1)

Graham's actual birthday was Thursday, October 14th, but we started his birthday bonanza Wednesday night at Babe's Chicken with Honey and Papa. Graham told me he really wanted Babes' for his birthday dinner, so that is what he got!! Of course the food was awesome and the entertainment great! Us with our rather old looking 1 year old! Seriously, when did he grow up?!
Anna Lou giving Honey some love.
I knew the loud birthday song and lots of cheering would scare him to death so we just asked to try on the chicken hat and sing Happy Birthday at our table. He was not a fan of the hat!
Blowing out the candle. (big blurry spot on my camera in a few of these photos. maybe I should find that lense cap:)
A little Hokey Pokey

Thursday morning, Dave stayed home passed the normal time to see Graham when he woke up. I think both kids thought it was so strange seeing Daddy in the morning.
A little bed head and snuggles for Daddy.
Later, we headed out to take AL to MDO and run a few birthday party errands. Graham was THRILLED to have his carseat turned around! He has always been a good baby in the car, but he really is loving getting to see everything facing forward. Every time I peek my head around and tell him hi, he giggles.
Just like we do every Thursday night, we took Daddy some dinner at the field house and hang out with him a little bit. He has team meeting with the Varsity team and the JV or Freshmen team is always playing. The kids always find this bucket of tennis balls in the corner of the office to play with.
We always go watch a little of the JV or Freshmen game and the kids have fun playing on the track. I thought it was funny that AL leaned down to G and was hugging and telling him something.

Thursday we also had two very special deliveries!! Sprinkles cupcakes from my sis-in-law Mary! And they were awesome!!!
And an adorable cookie bouquet from MiMi and PawPaw. And cookie bouquet must not know how to spell.:)
It was such a fun day celebrating our Graham Haggard Hall! More posts and pics of the weekend to come.

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