Monday, October 18, 2010

G's Birthday (part 2, Burger Bash!)...

We had a Burger Bash for Graham's first birthday! My sister had a Burger Bash for my nephew Barrett a few years ago and it was such a cute party! I had to do it for Graham! Even Graham's outfit was the same as Barrett's! We had it at Honey and Papa's house so Honey could help me out. Having a birthday during football is tough since Dave works VERY long hours everyday! Honey was a HUGE help leading up to the party and so much help during. Papa grilled the burgers and I dont have a pic!!! And Mimi helped so much with taking care of Anna Lou and Graham the day of the party!! Thanks to all for making it possible to throw our Burger Bash for our little Graham.

food minus the burgersparty favors...(burger cupcakes in a mason jar) And HUGE thanks to Amanda for taking my camera and snapping some pics!!

the birthday boy already dirty from playing in the backyard.fries (veggie sticks)fries (sugar cookies)Grahams's smash cake!Adaline and MarkAshley and Ashley
Emmy in our burger hat.
Honey, Aunt Margaret, Mrs. Ross and Campbell

girls and their babies

The Ranger game was going on at the same time so of course we had to have the game on!

If you are pregnant or just had a baby, sit at this table.:)

cutie pie Brady
Jake, Adaline and Allie
The Hart Family
Ryann showing Harper how to color the burger and eat your burger at the same time.
Sweet Allie taking care of the birthday boy.
Amanda, me, Kelli

Time to sing...
A little help with the candles.
He wasn't too interested in the cake, which was funny since this boy loves to eat! I think is was pooped by this time!!
He had a few bites.

And then was DONE!! But someone else really enjoyed it!
The Johnson four heading out.
Mimi gving G some ice cream which he LOVED!
My wonderful HOSTESS HONEY!!

G was not a fan of the burger hat. poor baby!

And my sweet husband shared his actual birthday with Graham's party day. So we had a little family celebration after everyone left for Daddy.
Honey made Dave's favorite, carrot cake.
And here comes the other birthday boy for some more ice cream!
Well...Graham's Burger Bash was a lot of fun!! Can't believe our baby is ONE!
Another post to come on what our little Graham Haggard Hall is up to these days.


Caryn said...

Oh My goodness this was SOOOOOO cute!!! I loved everything!! The color scheme, the burger cupcake favors are amazing, as well as the cake, "fries", cupcake...I could go on and name everything because I just loved it. Great job mama!

The Junods said...

Tears in my eyes because I missed all of this. You rocked that party! Awesome! Sweet Graham just tugs at my heart. I hope he'll be ok with me lovin' on him A LOT when I get there in December! And Lou Lou eating the cake and wearing the hamburger hat. LOL!! Poor Graham scared to death. December can't get here soon enough after looking at all these. Love you all so much and miss you like crazy!

Ashley said...

You are the best party planner!!! That was the cutest thing I've ever seen!


Hunter, Amanda, Hudson and Maddie said...

i have told you this a thousand times...but you did an amazing job!!!! all your hard work definitely paid off!!! XOXO

Shannon said...

Oh my stars....just the cutest party I have ever seen. Way to go, Ashley! Every detail was perfect. I think the fries were my favorite. I need to email you to see who made your banner. You probably did, so I am going to need some tips! :-)

shannonmichaelis said...

Girl, that was adorable! Nothing like Barrett's party, and both in good ways.

Loved the favors, the sugar cookie fries, those pickles make me salivate bc I know how good they are, the hamburger hat (hilarious), sweet Graham in tears. He seems like he has such a sweet spirit, that little redhead.

So fun you got to do it at your mom's house. Such a blast!