Friday, October 29, 2010

Got mum?

We got mum! If you know much about Texas high school homecomings, you know about mums! What a funny tradition! It was MHS Homecoming this week and our sweet head coach's wife and her sweet mom-in-law made mums for all of the coach's daughters. They took them to the coaches so the dads could bring them home for the daughters. Anna Lou was thrilled when Dave brought it home the other night. She found the little plastic megaphone hanging from it and yelled "Defense" into it. Daddy liked that! Coach's sweeties

Anna and her cute homecoming date.
The Lions had a big victory and it was our first chilly game! Love that we finally have football weather!


Little Leach said...

i get such a kick out of that pic in her mum everytime i see it! soooo cute. we had fun yesterday! Thanks!!!

The Copeland Family said...

So glad we have some football weather, as well! Now, we just need to beat Highland Park!!! GO LIONS!