Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Another birthday, really another?!

October is a busy birthday month for our family! Well we had another one...I celebrated the big 3-0 last week. woo hoo. I really didn't think anything of turning 30 and I felt like it was just another birthday. Although is starting to sound old to me now, lots of people have told me that their 30's were awesome and that is what I am anticipating! Dave organized for our wonderful family to give me an awesome "shopping spree" which I am soooo excited about! I don't deserve it that is for sure! And I got some other wonderful goodies too! The highlight of my week was getting to go out to dinner with just Dave! Honey and Papa stayed with the kids so we could enjoy a wonderful dinner. And then we came home to some presents and pie!!

Yay for 30 and thank you to my wonderful family for making it awesome!

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amanda k. brown said...

a shopping spree!!! how fun! you should come to austin to spree. ill bring you clothes to try on.