Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lindsay's Shower...

Last Thursday night we had a little "sprinkle" for my friend Lindsay and her baby Conner coming in November. We got together for a girls night at Blue Mesa for appetizers and a little showering for the honoree.

Erin, Kendra, Joanna
Janet, Lindsay, Sarah, Ashley, Leslie
Lindsay and her sis-in-laws.
Hostesses with Lindsay- Katie, Kelley, Jerica, me, and Leslie

I am so thankful to have Lindsay as a dear friend! We met at Baylor and even pledged Pi Phi together, but didnt really get to know eachother until the last year and a half. We met up again at church and have become great friends. I love that we both have little girls with boys on the way! She is one of those people that you want to be around because she makes you better. She is so loyal, thoughtful, smart and a little sassy:)! We are all so excited for Lindsay and Jeremy, and for Baby Conner to get here!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Parkway Hills Shower...

Last week, the sweet ladies that work for my mom at Parkway Hills Baptist Church Preschool threw me a little shower/brunch on their inservice work day. It was all led and planned by Mrs. Mira who I have known my entire life. Every teacher/staff member had a "Telegraham" for Graham which was a special wish, saying, bible verse, etc. They were all so creative and thoughtful! And we received a wonderful Target giftcard from all of them! Thank you Mrs. Mira and all of you wonderful women at Parkway Hills!!
The awesome staff.

Anna and Mrs. Mira having some lunch.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Mamas...

I know that since I had Anna first and now Graham on the way, little Graham will have two mamas in the house! Me and Miss Anna Lou! I am sure she will be a huge help! Ha! Should be interesting! Like most kids, Anna will be loving on her doll one minute and then throwing it up in the air the next. We will be working on the fruit of the spirit, gentleness, til Graham gets here:). Here she is very excited about Graham's new bouncy seat. Trying it out with her baby.
Trying it out herself! I checked the weight limit and it said it holds 25 pounds. She is only 20, thank goodness!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wacko Waco...

Saturday I met 2 of my best friends, Jayme and Amanda, in Waco. We were meeting to celebrate Amanda's baby Rhett due in December. With Graham coming next month I wouldn't be able to help throw a shower for her, so we decided we would meet in Waco for the day for a mini shower. Amanda Ramsey would have joined us if she didn't have a newborn at home! We missed you AR! We did a few of our favorite Waco activities. Had lunch at Ninfa's, shopped at Spice and topped it off with a little Katie's Custard. It poured rain all day so we look a little soggy in this pic, but it's the only one we took. Before I met up with Jayme and Amanda, I went my friend Julia's house to see her and her adorable baby Brooks! I absolutely love this girl and really her whole family. We go way back and kind of feel like we grew up together because our lives are so parallel.
Brooks getting a kiss from his Mama
What a pumpkin!

It was a great day seeing great friends and celebrating lots of babies!! Thank you Honey for watching Anna Lou so I could make the trip!

Anna's First Day...

Tuesday, Anna had her first day of Mothers Day Out at Parkway Hills Baptist Church. My mom, Honey, directs the preschool at the same church and is just a building away, so we felt great about sending her there. Everything went well except she wasn't able to go back on Thursday because of a stomach bug! The night before Dave made it home in time to put her to bed. Poor guy doesn't get to do this much anymore! Just got to school and Anna is looking thrilled:)!Loving all of the new toys in her classroom.

After school, we had to go see Honey for a minute. Anna wouldn't smile at the camera, but was in the mood to give Honey some sugar.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

LH Football with the Halls...

Mike and Kim and their 4 cuties, Aubrey, Lily, Emery and Carter came in town for the weekend and joined us at the Lake Highlands game Friday night.
This is a pic of 2 coaches kids, Anna and Kate Duffield. Kate's mom, Melissa, and I support eachother through long games and long seasons with little ones! She just had baby girl #2 in June and she is already making it out to games with both!

Cousins- Emery, Anna and Aubrey in their red!
That's nice, chew on the fence.

Hall Family
Anna made it til the end 10:30pm! She loved running around the field after the game. Brought a smile to Dave's face even though we lost:(.

Sunday morning we met everyone at Mema's house to see Dave's dad, Papa, and Dave's grandmother, Mema. The girls always love seeing the horses. Anna used to think they were dogs, but now clearly knows they are not dogs. She loved it when they made those funny noises with their noses.

We love spending time with Mike, Kim and their chickens. They are always so willing to drive to Dallas and I know it is quite a haul with the kids! Dave and I are so blessed to have the best siblings, with the best families!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots of stuff...

We've had a busy few weeks getting geared up for Graham's arrival, starting football season and lots of other fun stuff!
The day after the shower, Janet and Kim brought the Hall kids over to play at my mom's house. It was crazy with 8 kids!!Brooks and CarterHall twins and AnnaLater that night, Anna and I (Dave had to work) went over to the Kampen's to hang out with our friends, The Olsons, that were in town for the weekend. Here are the mom and kids.First LH game! We got to play at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco on Saturday and it was awesome! It was a great way to start the year with a great game and a big victory!
That's Dave in the middle getting the boys ready!
After the victory!Heading out at 10:30 pm! The kids were all troopers! Also, the same day, sweet baby Emerson Suzanne Ramsey was born to my good friends, Amanda and Hunter! I hate that this is the only pic I have so far! The proud mama should be in it. Emerson came a little early but everything went awesome with delivery and she is doing great! She is one beautiful baby! More pics to come of little Emmie!!
It was also my 10 year high school reunion weekend. I went with a few high school buds to the Plano East football game on Friday since LH played on Saturday. I also had lunch with my friend, Lauren, who I grew up with. Here is a pic of her cutie, Luke, and Anna.
This is a lttle out of order, but the weekend before, Dave ran another half marathon called the Hottest Half at Whiterock Lake. He did awesome of course. Anna and I made it to watch him finish. Funny pic of Dave funning to get Anna near the finish line.
Wendi and I took the kids to my cousin Julie's house for a little cousin playdate and lunch.
Here is Grant, Ashley, Barret, Anna and Brooks. (Abby was at kindergarten)