Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots of stuff...

We've had a busy few weeks getting geared up for Graham's arrival, starting football season and lots of other fun stuff!
The day after the shower, Janet and Kim brought the Hall kids over to play at my mom's house. It was crazy with 8 kids!!Brooks and CarterHall twins and AnnaLater that night, Anna and I (Dave had to work) went over to the Kampen's to hang out with our friends, The Olsons, that were in town for the weekend. Here are the mom and kids.First LH game! We got to play at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco on Saturday and it was awesome! It was a great way to start the year with a great game and a big victory!
That's Dave in the middle getting the boys ready!
After the victory!Heading out at 10:30 pm! The kids were all troopers! Also, the same day, sweet baby Emerson Suzanne Ramsey was born to my good friends, Amanda and Hunter! I hate that this is the only pic I have so far! The proud mama should be in it. Emerson came a little early but everything went awesome with delivery and she is doing great! She is one beautiful baby! More pics to come of little Emmie!!
It was also my 10 year high school reunion weekend. I went with a few high school buds to the Plano East football game on Friday since LH played on Saturday. I also had lunch with my friend, Lauren, who I grew up with. Here is a pic of her cutie, Luke, and Anna.
This is a lttle out of order, but the weekend before, Dave ran another half marathon called the Hottest Half at Whiterock Lake. He did awesome of course. Anna and I made it to watch him finish. Funny pic of Dave funning to get Anna near the finish line.
Wendi and I took the kids to my cousin Julie's house for a little cousin playdate and lunch.
Here is Grant, Ashley, Barret, Anna and Brooks. (Abby was at kindergarten)

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Meg said...

hey ashley--i don't know whether i've ever commented on your blog before but HI!! i found it on shannon michaelis's. your daughter is soooo precious!! and i am so excited you are having a son too!! my boys are 6 wks old and i looooove being a boy mama too!! i am so glad things are going so well for you!! XOXO--meg (harris:))