Monday, September 28, 2009

Parkway Hills Shower...

Last week, the sweet ladies that work for my mom at Parkway Hills Baptist Church Preschool threw me a little shower/brunch on their inservice work day. It was all led and planned by Mrs. Mira who I have known my entire life. Every teacher/staff member had a "Telegraham" for Graham which was a special wish, saying, bible verse, etc. They were all so creative and thoughtful! And we received a wonderful Target giftcard from all of them! Thank you Mrs. Mira and all of you wonderful women at Parkway Hills!!
The awesome staff.

Anna and Mrs. Mira having some lunch.


Garrett Family said...

What fun - I love Anna's outfit so cute - I am a big fan of ruffels especially when the pants have ruffels to match!!

Shannon said...

So sweet! You know I love me some PHBC preschool teachers! Mrs. Mira is too precious! We can't wait to meet Graham!