Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Boys Meet the Teach...

I never thought I would be saying boyS! Having two boys and seeing them become real brothers is awesome. I don't know about growing up with boys or what brothers are like so it's a whole new world. It's been fun hanging out with my boyS while sis is at school. They both start Preschool/MDO next week and we went and met their new teachers. They both have two very sweet teachers who I know we will grow to love.  I wish I had pics with their teachers!

 Mostly, they enjoyed playing on the indoor play area while I turned in some paperwork.

 Rascal was about to jump, but I got there in time.

We are thankful for a great place to send our two boyS.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Soccer practice...

We had our very first soccer practice this week. She smiled the whole way through and was sad when it was over.

 Go Redhots!!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Off she goes...

The first day of kindergarten was upon us and we were ready! 

 Dinner was her her choice, IHOP of course.

The night before she wanted her pic with the sign.

She was too sleepy and just got in bed, so Graham and I read the Curious George First Day of School book, which isn't really about the first day of school. fail. oh well!
 We made a little treat for Mrs. Gann. (stolen idea from Caryn's blog!)
 I had to wake her up on the morning of, but she was ready to go once she was awake!

She has always wanted a "messenger bag."

 Talking to Honey on the way.

Daddy met us there and we made the walk in.

Her day was awesome!! We celebrated with blurry yogurt.

The second day Daddy got to take her.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Permian Scrimmage...

We left Boone with a sitter, thank the Lord!!, and traveled almost 3 hours west to Van Horn middle of nowhere, but very pretty, Texas. Permian scrimmaged and El Paso team and we met somewhat in the middle. 

This chick, of course, picked the bling tee last week at the Mojo store. 
 The cheerleaders weren't dressed in uniform, but a bunch of them came and sat in the stands and yelled cheers. She watched them with this grin the whole time!
 It was 65 degrees and this was the backdrop. beautiful.

We were not sweating buckets and their were mountains all around us. This was a first for us for a scrimmage in August!!
 Goober with his binocs.

Always their favorite part. 

It was a good night for the Panthers and we are excited for the first real game next week. GO MOJO!

Meet The Teach!

So hard to believe that it was time to take our baby girl, Anna Lou, to Meet the Teacher! 

Boone stayed at home with a sitter and Daddy ran over after practice to meet us there. 
 We are so excited about Mrs. Gann! We have prayed for her and will continue to pray now that we know her! I KNOW she will be a great fit for this little missy!

 Afterwards, we joined the masses on the playground for watermelon.

So excited for kindergarten, Mrs. Gann and Reagan Magnet School!!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

partying and playing

Graham and Anna Lou loved getting to celebrate Mabry's 6th birthday at The Pottery!

With the birthday girl.

One morning this week we found Bounce Party and had it all to ourselves. 

 Little bit was quick to join in on the fun.

One afternoon we went up to watch practice but spent most of our time in the dome where it was a little bit cooler.

Fun stuff before school starts next week!