Sunday, August 25, 2013

Permian Scrimmage...

We left Boone with a sitter, thank the Lord!!, and traveled almost 3 hours west to Van Horn middle of nowhere, but very pretty, Texas. Permian scrimmaged and El Paso team and we met somewhat in the middle. 

This chick, of course, picked the bling tee last week at the Mojo store. 
 The cheerleaders weren't dressed in uniform, but a bunch of them came and sat in the stands and yelled cheers. She watched them with this grin the whole time!
 It was 65 degrees and this was the backdrop. beautiful.

We were not sweating buckets and their were mountains all around us. This was a first for us for a scrimmage in August!!
 Goober with his binocs.

Always their favorite part. 

It was a good night for the Panthers and we are excited for the first real game next week. GO MOJO!

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Parker and Janet said...

Praying for a great year!!! Love you guys!!!