Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Off she goes...

The first day of kindergarten was upon us and we were ready! 

 Dinner was her her choice, IHOP of course.

The night before she wanted her pic with the sign.

She was too sleepy and just got in bed, so Graham and I read the Curious George First Day of School book, which isn't really about the first day of school. fail. oh well!
 We made a little treat for Mrs. Gann. (stolen idea from Caryn's blog!)
 I had to wake her up on the morning of, but she was ready to go once she was awake!

She has always wanted a "messenger bag."

 Talking to Honey on the way.

Daddy met us there and we made the walk in.

Her day was awesome!! We celebrated with blurry yogurt.

The second day Daddy got to take her.


1 comment:

Katie and Justin Cox said...

So many things to say...

First... AL is KILLING me with that big smile of hers! I wish I knew her... she seems absolutely delightful!

Second... LOVE that she wears a bow at Soccer! Perfection! And Kaki will too!

Third... those two boys! OH MY! Too, too cute!

Fourth... I don't get the power of a preschool teacher... I was always amazed by the nap mat things too...

Glad West Texas is treatin' y'all well!! :)

Oh one more thing... LOVE the messenger bag... adorable!!