Monday, August 5, 2013


We are settling into our house and enjoying the slow pace of the last few weeks of summer. We are loving having the Kennedy family close by to play with. Wish so bad their stay in Midland wasn't temporary! But we are loving playing with them lots!

These two little boogers are a month apart!

 Sweet friends that have a great time together!
 Somebody is getting too brave for me!

 We made this rainbow cake and somehow it turned out!
 Midland Mall, wowzers ;)

 There is a great public pool that we have loved. It's too big for me to take all 3 kids by myself, but when Daddy can go to, it is so much fun!
 Both kids LOVE the big slide!

 Blurry bowling pics.
 I love this of Ann swooping in to grab the runaway baby!

 quality bowling skills.
Good times in our new little hometown!

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