Monday, August 5, 2013

Face Plant :(

Graham took quite the face plant off of the top of a "playground climbing thing." I'm not sure what else to call it. We were at a new playground (for about 5 minutes) when I watched Graham slip and crash face first all the way to the ground from about 10 feet off the ground. So thankful my friend Ann was with me!! We made a quick plan to go to the close by Urgent Care. I really am not quick to take my kids to the dr or ER, but with it being a pretty long fall on his head, I was a little scared. After filling out the 5 pages of paperwork and waiting a little bit, they then told me we had to go the the ER because his fall was taller than 6 feet. Fun! So we found the Midland ER, which is very nice, by the way.

The doctor and nurses were wonderful and had us out of there in a little over an hour. Obviously, by this pic he was going to be just fine!
 Graham has heeled up so quickly and it has not phased him one bit. He keep asking when we are going back to that new park. So thankful our little buddy wasn't hurt any worse! 

Also so thankful for Ann taking care of Anna and Boone and getting us lunch! She helped me make a quick decision and I would have been much more of a mess without her!! Wishful thinking that it was our first and last trip to the ER.

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