Thursday, August 15, 2013


We were SO excited for Honey and Papa to make their first visit to Midland!! The kids were counting down the days!! We had a wonderful weekend with 70 degree temps, a trip to the park, a pedi and shopping for me and Honey, good Mexican food, some house touch-ups, a great service at church, and lots of lovin'!

  H&P woke up early and hit the road and made it here by 11:30am in Friday. We welcomed them with a true west Texas staple, Taco Villa for lunch. We gave them a little tour of Odessa to see AL's school, Permian and all Odessa has to offer! :) Which is surprisingly a lot!!
Papa was quickly on duty and does it all so well. The temps were awesome and we took full advantage!
Friday night H&P kept Boone at home while we ran over to a family cook-out with some new sweet friends.  Saturday morning we went to the park while Daddy worked a little.

After Honey and I had a little outting Saturday afternoon, we all went out for some more great Mexican food! That's about all we got out here:)!

Pics around the table...


G has always looked like his Papa. Love this of them!!

Honey made strawberry pie for dessert. yum.

Sunday morning H&P went with us to church and then back for lunch and then they got on the road. :( waaaaaaaaa! boooohoooo!

Must have been bright, ha!

It was a wonderful, refreshing weekend that we all enjoyed so much! Come back soon, H&P!!

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