Saturday, November 27, 2010

We are BACK!...and Papa's game in Sweetwater!

So sorry to my readers (mom and sis) for the hiatus in blog posts!! I thought our life was slowing down a little since unfortunately the Lions football season is over! It sure has been aweseom having our daddy home more, but it still has been a little crazy around here. Anyways, we are BACK! I am a little behind so this actually was a couple of weeks ago. We traveled to SWEETWATER, TEXAS to watch Papa's football team play in the playoffs!!! Honey, Dave, Anna Lou and I traveled west to small town, Texas to watch the Broncos! I was so thankful to our sweet friends the Ramseys for keeping G-Man for us all day!! It would have been a very long day for the little man spending 8 hours in the car. He was much happier chillin' with Hudson and Emerson, their two munchkins! THANK YOU RAMSEY FAMILY!
Sidenote story- I have to throw this in there!! So our friend, Justin, is from Sweetwater and told us about this "hole in the wall" restaurant we HAD to go to in Sweetwater called Allen's. Well...let me tell you! Allen's did not dissapoint! We headed straight there for lunch once we got into town. Good thing we were following the map on my phone because we could have easily missed it! We are talking "HOLE IN THE WALL!" We walk in to see a room about the size of my kitchen and living room and that was the whole place! Very minmal decoration, chairs and tables similar to those in the church fellowship hall, large glasses of tea on the table and looked like a bunch of good 'ol folks chowing down! In a matter of two minutes a lady was delivering 3 bowls of different cold salads like cole slaw and potatoe salad. And then it happened! In a matter of 5 minutes the waitress pushes a double decker cart, yes a CART of food to our table. Let me remind you we had 3 adults and one two year old. On the double decker was fried chicken, meatloaf, corn, red beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, okra and tomoatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, peach cobbler and a whole lot more. I can't even remember what all was on the table, but we counted 15 large bowls. It was awesome! We couldn't even make a dent in the feast in front of us. And to top it off a man at the table next to us asked us for a chicken leg!!!! ha!! Of course we shared!! Only in small town, Texas! I love it! So, if you are ever in Sweetwater, be sure to stop my Allen's!
It was a beautiful day for football and AL sure enjoyed the extra attention from Honey and her mama and daddy! Here she is giving Papa a quick good luck kiss.
That's Papa out there getting them fired up! We dressed in our purple to support the Broncos!
Unfortunately the Broncos couldn't pull out the win, but played hard and had a great season!! The other team was nicknamed "The Herd" and had this huge cow mascot that AL was very interested in.
Us with the coach.
It was a long day, but a very fun way to spend a Saturday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Raggedy "Anna" and Andy...

We had a fun Halloween weekend with our little dolls:). Anna told everyone she was Raggedy Anna so we went with that! Graham was not a fan of the hat, but we tried.
A playdate with a few of our good friends.
AL loved holding Baby Brynlee. Isnt her outfit adorable?!
How bout a hug bro?
On Thursday Anna Lou got to wear her costume to school. We stopped by to see Honey on our way in.
AL's cute MDO class
Sunday night we went to our church's fall festival.
The cute Arrington twins.Anna Lou had a blast going from one game to the next and of course getting plenty of candy.
And we had some great "fair" food too!
A hug for Harper. (kinda)
And a train ride, which was AL's favorite part!

Playing a little football with some help from the two men behind her.
G found the goods.
Grocery shopping with Papa.

The bounce houses were a hit!

Right after I snapped this pic she did a complete flip but thought it was pretty funny. phew!

So glad Honey and Papa could come play with us!
Great cut Anna!
Such a fun Halloween weekend! Still trying to explain that Halloween only comes once a year since Raggedy Anna and Andy had so much fun!!