Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Townley Times and one last lake-cation...

My Aunt Terry, cousin Sharon and Sharon's three girls drove down from Arkansas for our annual Townley Times.  Honey and Aunt Terry's maiden name is Townley;)

We let the two sister, Honey and Aunt Terry have some quiet time while the rest of crashed at our house. We had quite a cousin slumber party and they had a blast!

 We made a trip to Ikea with 9 kids and celebrated with cinnamon rolls at the end.
 Here's the whole gang with our Great Aunt Rosie, her two nieces, three great nieces and all of their kids:)
 Always a good time catching up with this crew!!
Daddy got back from coaching school and our company headed back to Arkansas, so we decided to make one last trip to the lake for the five of us. Daddy would be in full football mode when we got back. We loved our weekend at Possum Kingdom a few weeks prior so went back. Not sure what it is about hotel rooms, but our kids think they are the best.

 Looking for dear. 
 They kept wanting to wear our hats.

 She was giving us a Sic Em Bears.

 We loved eating on the lake at a nearby resort.

 We pulled up in the boat to the restaurant and realized we didn't have a shirt for Graham. So he wore Boone's extra size 2 we had in the bag, but you can hardly tell how tight it was in the pic. I guess since we live in Dallas now, you can wear shirts a little bit tighter. ha ha.
 PK is the pretties lake around!!

The pool was great the The Cliffs where we stayed.

One night while we were at PK,  we invited our dear friends, Landon and Ashley and their twin girls, Harper and Landry out to the lake with us. They aren't too far from the lake and we had the best evening catching up with them.

AL and Landry (i think)
She can't get enough of these sweet babies.
It was an awesome "last hoorah" with Daddy before he hit the ground running.
As soon as we were back in town, we stopped to see the Jurgensens and all of the Brophy's at the Smiths house, our new neighbors around the corner. We go WAY back with this sweet family!!

Random pic, but a great self serve yogurt place by us with a playground. genius.

 And last but not least, this crazy having the best time hosing his siblings.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Travels and Such...

After Galveston and Family Camp, we had a few days to settle into our house. Our favorite part has to be the pool. It's not fancy but it provides plenty of entertainment. 
 So glad to see the Ramseys again!

 this kid...
 pure joy!

Right around the corner from us are the Smiths!! We were so excited to find  out we would be living so close to each other. AL holding baby Sloane.
 Kate and Boone are the same age and a perfect match with their sweet strawberry hair!

We spent a weekend at Possum Kingdom Lake with Chance and Mandy and little Campbell. We dropped our 3 at Honey and Papa's so we could have little bit more of a relaxing weekend.

We went up to see Daddy's new school

 a little workout.
 Daddy was off to coaching school and me and the kids headed to Tomball to spend the weekend with the Junods.

These two...

 These first borns seem to lead the pack.
 We were there to celebrate this precious peach's first birthday.
 It was a strawberry theme and of course, my Sissy made it amazing!

 Sunday morning we went to church and lunch for Townley's birthday

We all caravanned back to Dallas Sunday afternoon, because the party wasn't over. Our Arkansas family was headed to Dallas for our annual Townley Times.