Monday, July 7, 2014

June!!! (the beginning)

So June has been absolutely NUTS! We finally were able to announce our upcoming move back to Dallas. Dave will be coaching and teaching at Highland Park High School! Go Scots! We were not looking to move and the opportunity came out of the blue in early May. It was definitely a difficult decision and very bittersweet as we have loved so much about west Texas!! But, we are excited for our next chapter, and excited to see our family and friends in Dallas. 

We had to say bye to some very special people. Libby has been our main babysitter in Midland and has been wonderful! She loves these three and they love her. She kept Boone almost every Friday night during football season and the whole crew several other times. 
These awesome girls I served with at ASK and I got to see them one last time.
My dearest Midland friends.
We had one last play date with these sweet kids!
This was a crazy week! The last week of school for our kindergartener! She graduated!
I turn on my camera to see "change battery pack" :(. So, horrible iPhone pics will have to do.

We had a great year with Mrs. Gann.
They had a little party afterwards.

This was the last day of school and we headed to Dallas to close on our new house the very next day!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Track and Field Day...

We had been hearing all about Track and Field Day from Anna Lou for a while. It finally came and we went to watch the fun. She was in a couple of relays and individual events. 

She did catch that girl in front of her. I'm sure she caught her because of her mom and dad cheering her on:). We may or not have a it on video, but the screaming cheering is a little embarrassing. 

 the long jump

 She had a blast and we were so proud of her!!

Monday, June 2, 2014

The Johnstons and Swim Lessons...

We love the Johnston Family! We went over to their house one night for a little sliding' and supper. 

 Six crazies.

 Lainey Kate busted out lots of baby dolls and AL is not too old for some dolls!
 Little bros have so much fun together!
 Cooper is so awesome with Graham. Graham thinks he hung the moon!
 They also have some pet turtles in the backyard that AL loved.
 We finished up swim lessons at City of Midland Swim. It was a good experience and the kids had fun.
 Anna Lou 

Sunday, June 1, 2014

wrappin' up preschool and some others...

We wrapped up an awesome year of preschool! We were blessed by some wonderful teachers at a wonderful school. Cute outfits by Mimi! Sleep eyes and wild hair!

Graham had a great year with Mrs. Rebecca and Mrs. Linda. We missed Mrs. Rebecca the last few months of school while she was on bed rest, but Mrs. Ollie was a wonderful substitute. 
The last day they had a Hawaiian theme party.
Graham with Mrs. Linda and Mrs. Ollie
 My baby had a great first year of preschool.  Mrs. Jackie and Ms. Jaime were just perfect for these little ones.  He started the year barely walking and not talking and he leaves a little boy running his little feet around and really running his mouth:).  On the way to school each morning all I hear is "Ms. Jaime, Mrs. Jackie, Ms. Jaime, Mrs. Jackie." So thankful for wonderful ladies that are so excited to see my boys every Tuesday and Thursday. 

We celebrated after school with yogurt! Hands or spoon up!!

Lou Lou had Book Character Day at school and she went as Rapunzel.
 I was surprised Rapunzel stayed Rapunzel all day and didn't change clothes.
 boone can get after some chips and salsa...not sure where he gets that from.

 AL brought a book to dinner, seriously. Who is she? :))

Monday, May 19, 2014

iphone pics

Somehow a few of these pretty things popped up in the back yard. Yes, we do have cacti out back!

 One of our favorite weekend spots is El Burrito, a Midland staple.

 quality, classy meal on the patio:)

 Selfies by Boone. 3 of the 300 on my phone.

 dog pile.