Sunday, May 24, 2015

January and so forth...

So, I'm five months behind on this little family blog. I guess life got in the way and I got so far behind, I assumed there would never be a chance to catch up. I'm gonna fly through the last few months and try to get back on track. 

Dave and his brother and dad took their annual quail hunting trip in the hill country.

 We celebrated Anna Lou's awesome teacher's birthday!
 sister snugs

HP football banquet

 Graham's grand prix race at preschool.
 Boone first trip to mall indoor play area. Poor third kid.
 The boys at HP Meet the Scots.

 Wendi and I met in Austin for IF:Gathering, a women's conference. It was incredible! Loved running into Audrey Ryon!!

 Saw Jen Hatmaker by that bathroom and snagged a pic.

While in Austin, stopped by to meet baby Wade Brown!
 While I was in Austin, Daddy was manning the fort at home with a freezing cold soccer tournament!

 The was G finally smiling after a long battle of sickness!

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