Sunday, May 24, 2015

February...Anna Lou's birthday, Cowtown Half Marathon and more snow

Boone made himself at home during Anna Lou's school Valentines party.

 Sweet friends and Ms. McPherson
 The Smith family came to watch some indoor soccer.
 Birthday morning.

 Her new pet, Twinkles.
 MIMI took us to Benihana's for AL's birthday dinner! SO much fun!!
 Basketball buds

 Cousins in town to celebrate AL.
 Cowtown half marathon with my awesome training group.
 The best fan club.

 It...was...COLD! But we finished!
 More snow in February. We went to Mema's farm to play!

Anna Lou's cheerleading birthday party complete with HP cheerleaders to teach the girls some skills!

Whew...February was a whirlwind!

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