Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Be Still..."

Phone pic of my two little loves resting on top of my third little love! Graham still finds a way to sit in my lap even though there isn't any room.  Just a few days or less till we become a family of five! I am having a hard time being patient for the arrival of our Baby Boone, but trusting God's perfect timing. My anxiousness was settled with yesterdays encouragement from Jesus Calling.  Here is just a snip it of it...Rest in the stillness of My Presence while I prepare you for this day. Let the radiance of My Glory shine upon you, as you wait on Me in confident trust.
"Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted amount the nations, and I will be exalted in the earth." ~Psalm 46:10

Definitely not a coincidence. Trying to "Be Still" is tough when you are so excited:)!

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Cute As A Button" for Baby Boone!

While Wendi was here, she helped throw a little shower for me and Baby Boone. It's all her fault I had a shower at 38 weeks prego and about to pop!  But I'd do in a heartbeat again just to have her here!! It was supposed to be a low-key little girls night out, but of course, my sweet friends made it awesome! The theme was "Cute As A Button" and it was at one of my favorite restaurants, Mattito's.

 I got some awesome, useful gifts!! And some fun ones like this BU outfit.
 Ashley drove an hour and half to be with us!
 Julie and Wen
 Boone's Aunt Sissy and Honey
 My awesome hostesses, that went above and beyond! 
Janet, Wen, Amanda and Sarah

Honey's Big Surprise!

 We had to keep a huge secret for WAY too long!! Our sweet Honey turned the big 6-0 this past weekend and Wendi and Georgia were coming into surprise her! Wendi and I planned her birthday weekend months ago and it seemed like April 15th would never get here! We picked up the two travelers on Wednesday afternoon while avoiding phone calls from Mom.  We could hardly contain ourselves knowing she was only 20 minutes away and knew nothing of our visitors. 

 So glad to be with their cousin, just missing the other two so much!!

 Thursday morning, the plan was for Wendi and Georgia to go to school with us and we would surprise her during her staff meeting before school. We wanted a dramatic moment and we got one!! 

 Papa met us at school too and was in on the surprise! The four Watkins went to lunch later to add to the celebration of Honey.
 I had a dr. appt and was so glad W&G accompanied me. We were hoping Baby Boone would be born while they were here, but he just needed to cook a little longer. boo!

 After school, playing at Honey's.

 Friday we spent all day at Honey's soaking up every minute with them! Saturday morning Wendi, Mom and I headed to our girls getaway! Huge thanks to Papa for keeping little Georgia and Dave for keeping our two so we could spend some time with the girlies! We went to lunch in Grapevine and then to the Gaylord. 

 A little spa treatment!

 The front desk sent Honey cake balls. Not sure if any of us tried them, though. We ate so much good food all weekend and didn't have room!
 We chuckled at several prom groups that were there to take pics.
 Saturday night we went to Fort Worth to my new favorite restaurant, Reata!!!
 Downtown FW is awesome!

 Reata has an amazing menu!! We ordered way to much food, but enjoyed every bite!!
 Jalenpeno, Bacon Mac n Cheese! Ummm, yes!!!! (We shared this:)
 Sirloin tamales!

 Sunday morning, we headed to another amazing restaurant, the Old West Cafe! Funny how the weekend was planned around some great meals! Such a special, memorable time celebrating our sweet Mama!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend...

Easter weekend started with some egg dying on Friday night after we got home from an awesome Good Friday service at our church.

More egg dying on Saturday.
And some bunny cake decorating.

On Saturday we went to the annual Haggard/Hall Family egg hunt and cookout. It is always a pleasure to see lots of Daddy's extended side of the family at this event.

And they are off!
Three generations of Hall men.
More candy is just what he needed:)

Feeding the friendly horses.
Once again, this is what G thinks of horses up close and personal.
Anna LOVES horses! Everything about them! In fact this one licked her head and she loved it!
Sunday morning, before church we found what the Easter Bunny had dropped off- art supplies, new pj's, a few bath toys and the hit was the umbrellas.

Bunny Breakfast

Before heading to a wonderful service at our church, we snapped a few pics.
Love these three more than I could have ever imagined!

We were so glad to have Honey and Papa join us at our church and celebrate Our Risen Lord!
After church we went out to lunch, which is not the norm for this family on a holiday. With me 37 weeks prego and Honey just getting over her broken leg, it was a great option!! We then came back home for dessert, Honey's lemon pie, bunny cake and another egg hunt.

Honey got these cute cakes for A&G.
We ended the weekend with family movie night! It as a hit with the kids! We watched Rio and had pizza and popcorn!
Such a special weekend with our family!