Monday, April 2, 2012

The Wonder Clock!

Moving the kids into the same room brought on a little anxiety from this mama. Both kids have been pretty good sleepers for a while now and I didn't want to rock the boat. Graham was moving from crib to big bed and to a new room. Anna had been in her big bed for a year now, but she was not allowed to get out of bed without us. Both kids would call for us when they woke up in the morning or after naps. I was mainly concerned of them waking each other up if they started calling for us while the other one was still asleep. I had a few friends recommend what I like to call "The Wonder Clock." We decided it would be ok for the kids to get out of bed on their own if it was a decent time. It has worked like a charm! This amazing device glows green when it OK for the kids to get up. Right now it is set for 7:15 in the morning because we are still working on daylight savings time. I am sure it will be set for 7:00am soon, but not earlier that that! ha! "The Wonder Clock" has a nap setting too, which is set for 2 hours. Anna occasionally doesn't fall asleep at nap time so this works for what we call "rest time" time. She takes a few books in her bed and at least she is quiet and laying down.
A couple of times the first week, the kids came out before it turned green, but we sent them right back to bed and it hasn't happened since. We pretty much threatened their life:). (Definitely the older one's idea!) Also, both kids have come out when it has turned green, but the other one is still asleep. We told them to come out quietly and so far that has worked too. Every morning I love hearing Graham say with so much enthusiasm, "MY WITE TURNED GEEN!"

Our clock is called the OK to Wake Clock and I found it at Target online, but several online stores sell it. It is a little pricey for a kids alarm clock, but definitely worth it so far.

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Katie and Justin Cox said...

I am SO glad you did this post! We have been considering that for Caden... he needs a bit of encouragement in the napping department! :) And I loved your comment about our soccer experience thus far! I think G and C are VERY similar... so I'll definitely keep you posted on the rest of the season... I think it will just take a bit of time... :) And hopefully not 7 more years!! Hehe!