Friday, April 20, 2012

"Cute As A Button" for Baby Boone!

While Wendi was here, she helped throw a little shower for me and Baby Boone. It's all her fault I had a shower at 38 weeks prego and about to pop!  But I'd do in a heartbeat again just to have her here!! It was supposed to be a low-key little girls night out, but of course, my sweet friends made it awesome! The theme was "Cute As A Button" and it was at one of my favorite restaurants, Mattito's.

 I got some awesome, useful gifts!! And some fun ones like this BU outfit.
 Ashley drove an hour and half to be with us!
 Julie and Wen
 Boone's Aunt Sissy and Honey
 My awesome hostesses, that went above and beyond! 
Janet, Wen, Amanda and Sarah

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