Friday, April 29, 2011

Doha Part THREE! (The rest of my vacay!)

This very long post concludes my vacation in Doha! It truly was a vacation. I got to sleep in, not cook, not clean and do lots of special girly things like shopping, spas and pedis! What a blessing that all was, but the best part was just being a part of the everyday life of their family. I love those kids as they are my own and Nick and Wendi are pretty cool too, ha! And if you follow Wendi's blog, then this will be a repeat. She is such a beautiful writer and I can only try to narrate my wonderful week Qatar like she can. A lot of these pics are out of order but I just can't rearrange anymore!

Don't worry that we do not miss Idol in Doha! It airs a few days later and has Arabic subtitles, but it's the same!
On Georgia's actual birthday, the boys were in school, so the girls took a trip down to the Souqs. This is a good taste of the locals. There are little shops selling handmade things and restaurants along the streets. These boys were in some type of school and wanted their picture taken.

We stopped for lunch at this place Wendi had been before. She knows the ins and outs and this place was awesome! We ate sandwiches/wraps and this yummy cheese grilled and wrapped in bread. We sat outside and listened to a table full of women next to us speak in a few different languages. Doha is quite the melting pot!!

Georgia and one of her many faces. Isn't she a doll baby?!

After the Souqs we headed back to Brooks' school, The American School of Doha. His teacher had invited me to read to Brooks' class. I had to explain the I was Brooks' aunt, which to them meant a bug on the ground. When actually most of them have AUUUNTs (spoken with your best British accent.) hee hee! Brooks is one of two students in his class from the US! What an amazing experience! Wendi found this lady that sold cupcakes out of her house and so we HAD to get some for Georgia's birthday! Reese's and Oreo! Holy moly!

The birthday girl with her kissy face telling us she is ONE!

Nick had a major project at work that night and could not get away, but the rest of us headed to Johnny Rockets for burgers, fries and shakes! Yum! A taste of home!

Since Nick had a late night at work we postponed the cake and presents and let the boys dye Easter eggs instead.

The next day the celebration continued... I love that the Junods are about to invaded by all things girl!! G's first baby doll!

A few sights of Doha...

No place else but...

We think this is some kind of election bill board with all of the candidates faces.
Lots of delivery food. Even McDonalds and Burger King deliver!
We spent a few hours at this spa, which was awesome!
We spent some time at the great malls in Doha, mostly hitting up H&M! Now if they could just get at Target:)!Dinner at Thai Shack which was devine! There is a heavy Asian influence in Doha.
After Thai Shack we noticed a random store next door selling Easter decor and goodies. Not a norm in Doha!
One day we grabbed lunch at this local place which tasted like a really good turkey wrap but had a much more interesting name. And funny that they always throw a french fry in the middle of your sandwhich.
A pic of the little G on the eve of her real birthday.
Barrett being a rainbow. hee hee!
One night I helped Wendi make the real PF Chang's lettuce wraps! Yummy with our left over pad thai!
The last day we spent at the Ritz pool, thanks to Wendi's sweet friend Dede for the invitation. It was beautiful and felt like a true vacation!

Saying goodnight and bye to my sweet nephews, the B's! I left that night at midnight to fly home.

OH SIS! I would travel to the moon and back to be with you and yours! Thank you for my vacation and precious time with The Junods! We cried in the airport like we do everytime! Will we ever not...No, probably not! I am beyond blessed to have you as my mentor, sis and forever best friend! Could you please put a brick on those babies heads til I see them next? See all of you in a 5 weeks! Hallelujah!!!!! I love you!
I cannot begin to explain how special this trip was! It took an army including my parents, mother-in-law and wonderful husband to make it possible! They picked up the slack and loved my babies to death while I was gone. I felt so confident in their care and didn't worry once! I missed them and their daddy, of course, more than I ever thought possible! But I didn't let that keep me from enjoying my time with my precious family in Doha! I love watching the people I love activily following the Lord's will for their life. God is alive and well in Doha! And alive and well in the Junod family! I am anxious for the day they return to the red, white and blue but am trusting His timing and His plan! Thankyou, thank you Junods for everything!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Doha Part TWO!

A day and half after making my way to Doha, I got to join in the celebration of sweet Baby Georgia Elizabeth! Wendi threw an amazing tea party (at The Ritz, if you will:) for our sweet one year old! Now Wendi is not really a "Ritz" kinda girl but Doha doesn't offer too many options and it was a great choice for our family and a few close friends! You can see more pics and details on Wendi's blog HERE.

The beautiful Junod Family!Aunt Sissy and her girl.

How 'bout some Orange Fanta in your tea cup!

Sweet girl got a tea cup as a gift from mom and dad.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doha Part ONE!

I have had a trip planned to visit my sister and her family in Doha, Qatar for a while now. Thanks to Honey, Papa, Mimi and Daddy for making this 10 day trip possible! Dave took the afternoon off from work and we took the kids to their first stop, Honey and Papa's house. Then we headed to the airport. One last family pic before mama heads out.

I shed a couple of tears saying bye to my babies for 10 days, but know they are in the very best hands!

Then I was off to Doha!
Some reading material (the book looks like a romance novel, but it isn't:)
I actually didn't get that much reading done. My flight was overnight and I slept most of my flight, thanks to Tylenol PM.

After a short layover in DC and 17 hours in the air, I made it!
These little munchkins were waiting for me! (I stole all of the pics from Wendi)
my boys!

my girls!

It was 10:30am US time, but 6:30pm Doha time, so it was time for dinner!
Doha has some shopping, so Georgia and I were taking a look.

Back at the house, we had to Skype with Honey and the kids. I was afraid Graham might get confused, want mama and cry, but he did great! Notice the lollipops in their mouths, thank Honey!

I brought lots of goodies from the US for the kids from us and from H&P.

Honey's gifts are always a hit!

Just a glimpse of downtown Doha. This is Nick's office building. They have lots of beautiful architecture and lots of construction always going on. It's a growing city!

More Doha pics to come!