Sunday, April 17, 2011

Doha Part ONE!

I have had a trip planned to visit my sister and her family in Doha, Qatar for a while now. Thanks to Honey, Papa, Mimi and Daddy for making this 10 day trip possible! Dave took the afternoon off from work and we took the kids to their first stop, Honey and Papa's house. Then we headed to the airport. One last family pic before mama heads out.

I shed a couple of tears saying bye to my babies for 10 days, but know they are in the very best hands!

Then I was off to Doha!
Some reading material (the book looks like a romance novel, but it isn't:)
I actually didn't get that much reading done. My flight was overnight and I slept most of my flight, thanks to Tylenol PM.

After a short layover in DC and 17 hours in the air, I made it!
These little munchkins were waiting for me! (I stole all of the pics from Wendi)
my boys!

my girls!

It was 10:30am US time, but 6:30pm Doha time, so it was time for dinner!
Doha has some shopping, so Georgia and I were taking a look.

Back at the house, we had to Skype with Honey and the kids. I was afraid Graham might get confused, want mama and cry, but he did great! Notice the lollipops in their mouths, thank Honey!

I brought lots of goodies from the US for the kids from us and from H&P.

Honey's gifts are always a hit!

Just a glimpse of downtown Doha. This is Nick's office building. They have lots of beautiful architecture and lots of construction always going on. It's a growing city!

More Doha pics to come!

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