Sunday, September 29, 2013

Honey and Papa visit!

Honey and Papa came in last weekend to visit! We had the best time!! They drove in late Thursday night and the kids were ecstatic to wake up to them on Friday morning. We kept AL home from school that morning to go to the pep rally with us. 
 She LOVED it!

The boys wanted nothing to do with the Panther, who was dressed for the duck dynasty themed pep rally.
 It was an awesome game and we had a huge win against Abilene! Sometimes it's kinda fun to be the underdog. My friend Ann took this pic of Papa and Dave hugging. So thankful for the incredible relationship they have. They have really missed each other.
 Honey and Papa also got to enjoy two soccer games with some pretty west Texas weather and church on Sunday. Honey cooked for us and Papa fixed a few things around the house.  It was such a great weekend! Everyone cried when they left. I think that might happen every time. boohoo.

Stuff lately...

Some sponge rollers for some church hair.
 Time with the gingers while sis is at school.

Loving the picture show on the floor at the library.
Haircut for baby B!

Still truckin' along with our soccer season. We win some, we lose some...but overall a good time!

Saturdays are tough. We've been up very late the night before for football games so everyone is TIRED, Daddy is at work, we have a soccer game and my parents don't live across town anymore😞. We used to spend lots of Saturdays at Honey and Papa's while Daddy worked.  like a reason to get out of the house, so soccer has been good. We always spend a little time at the playground after our games to burn a little time.
We've got another "pumper" in the house!
Boone doesn't like swinging at all 😉. Ha!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

MIMI and PawPaw visit...

We were so glad MIMI and PawPaw could make the trek across the state to visit is out west last weekend! They got a good dose of a Hall family weekend with a peprally, football game, Saturday morning soccer game and church on Sunday. We loved having them here! I didn't take many pics but a few on my phone from the peprally. 

We took the boys and they were wide-eyed the entire time! Anna Lou was at school.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Go Redhots!

Anna Lou had her very first soccer game on Saturday. This is our first experience with a team sport and it was a good one. It was HOT, but so much fun! 

Her two biggest fans!

Mabry, Tessa and AL

We play 4 on 4 and no goalies. It's perfect for little ones.

I got a little smile after a goal. I guess she was in game mode.

I can seriously see how parents go overboard on the sidelines.  This was my first tiny glimpse of my kid playing sports and wanting her to be successful and to win.  Lordy, it's kindergarten soccer! I can only imagine the older they get and the harder it is to remember why we play sports. It teaches us great life lessons and it's fun! and really fun to win :)
We won 8-6!
I was pleasantly surprised how well the girls did with it being most of their very first game. There wasn't any going the wrong way, picking the ball up with their hands, etc.  So proud of our little Redhot!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Boys' First Day...

It was the boys' turn to have their first day of school. These are pitiful pics for the first day of school. :( The days that the boys go to school give us some hectic mornings. Everyone has not adjusted quite yet to our early mornings, so I wait till the last second to wake the boys up, throw them in the car, take AL to school, and then get them dressed in the parking lot. This also consists of breakfast in the car. Bad habit, but we need all the sleep we can get!! So...I didn't take pics at home before we left. And I was nervous about dropping Boone since he just got over separation anxiety and didn't want it to reappear! So when we got there,  I was rushing and didn't get many pics. Both boys did great with no tears and that little Boonie even slept on a nap mat. Crazy! How do they get them to do that?! 
 My big boy that is a pro at this school thing.
 Two very sweet teachers!

 This is all I got of the little one, because I dropped and ran to prevent a meltdown. 

Everyone had a great first week at school! Bedtimes are easy peasy on school days! Worn out!!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

First Game...

We had our first game of the season on Friday. The town of Odessa showed up to cheer on the panthers. Unfortunately, we lost 21-17, but the boys played so hard and it was a great game. 
A quick pic before we left Boone at home with a babysitter.

we have twirlers!

Nice pic, AL.

The run through signs are awesome!

I just noticed the two older ladies in the crowd standing up. They probably went to Permian. Lots of loyal fans that don't miss a game.
Looking forward to a great season for the Permian Panthers!