Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stuff lately...

Some sponge rollers for some church hair.
 Time with the gingers while sis is at school.

Loving the picture show on the floor at the library.
Haircut for baby B!

Still truckin' along with our soccer season. We win some, we lose some...but overall a good time!

Saturdays are tough. We've been up very late the night before for football games so everyone is TIRED, Daddy is at work, we have a soccer game and my parents don't live across town anymore😞. We used to spend lots of Saturdays at Honey and Papa's while Daddy worked.  like a reason to get out of the house, so soccer has been good. We always spend a little time at the playground after our games to burn a little time.
We've got another "pumper" in the house!
Boone doesn't like swinging at all 😉. Ha!

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