Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Boys' First Day...

It was the boys' turn to have their first day of school. These are pitiful pics for the first day of school. :( The days that the boys go to school give us some hectic mornings. Everyone has not adjusted quite yet to our early mornings, so I wait till the last second to wake the boys up, throw them in the car, take AL to school, and then get them dressed in the parking lot. This also consists of breakfast in the car. Bad habit, but we need all the sleep we can get!! So...I didn't take pics at home before we left. And I was nervous about dropping Boone since he just got over separation anxiety and didn't want it to reappear! So when we got there,  I was rushing and didn't get many pics. Both boys did great with no tears and that little Boonie even slept on a nap mat. Crazy! How do they get them to do that?! 
 My big boy that is a pro at this school thing.
 Two very sweet teachers!

 This is all I got of the little one, because I dropped and ran to prevent a meltdown. 

Everyone had a great first week at school! Bedtimes are easy peasy on school days! Worn out!!

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