Sunday, September 8, 2013

Go Redhots!

Anna Lou had her very first soccer game on Saturday. This is our first experience with a team sport and it was a good one. It was HOT, but so much fun! 

Her two biggest fans!

Mabry, Tessa and AL

We play 4 on 4 and no goalies. It's perfect for little ones.

I got a little smile after a goal. I guess she was in game mode.

I can seriously see how parents go overboard on the sidelines.  This was my first tiny glimpse of my kid playing sports and wanting her to be successful and to win.  Lordy, it's kindergarten soccer! I can only imagine the older they get and the harder it is to remember why we play sports. It teaches us great life lessons and it's fun! and really fun to win :)
We won 8-6!
I was pleasantly surprised how well the girls did with it being most of their very first game. There wasn't any going the wrong way, picking the ball up with their hands, etc.  So proud of our little Redhot!

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