Monday, August 27, 2012


I am quite smitten with this kid! Our precious Baby Boone, I could just eat him up! I feel like we have really turned a corner with this little guy! To sum it up, month one was a breeze with little bit sleeping most of the days and nights away. Then he woke up. He wasn't particularly fussy for months 2 and 3, just not so predictable and probably pretty normal newborn stuff. He seemed to have some tummy issues with spitting up and plenty of gassiness:). 

We were out of town a lot and poor little guy was never on a schedule, just going along wherever the carrier took him.  We always were traveling with family so we had lots of help with holding and soothing so that made it not so hard on mama.

 For a while, he loved the car and always slept in his carseat. Then we had one really bad road trip home from Arkansas and couple of weeks of carseat ISSUES!! I just knew this was going to be bad news since we do seem to be in the car a lot. Thankfully, this too did pass and we are back to normal with very little fussin in the car. PTL!

And then the darn swaddle! My other two were swaddled for FOREVER and loved it! But this guy is STRONG! He did great it in for a while and then it just became more of a problem. I was constantly re-swaddling all day and all night. Aunt Sissy (Wendi) had the brightest idea, why don't you try breaking him of the swaddle. Well, thank you baby whisperer! We had a rough 2 days of the actual swaddle breaking, but after that...magic!! This pic below makes my heart melt, except the red mark my arm left on his sweet little head. Why are sleeping babies just amazing!?

This pic was from the first day I took him to the church nursery when I forgot the diaper bag! Bless this third child! I did have a bottle, and thankful for sweet nursery workers that understood. Or at least they made me feel not so ignorant!

Sweetness does have to take some naps at random places and is adaptable most days.

 I do have punkin' on a better schedule and all around has made some big time advancements! Way to go mama, you could have done this months ago.
 He sleeps on his back and sometimes his tummy. He sure isn't missing that silly swaddle! He is napping great and sleeping about 8 or 9 straight hours at night. And then a few more after the early morning feeding. Although, I am still in that waking up to check the monitor stage, to make sure he is ok since he is sleeping so much. We got ourselves a drooler and needs a bib most of the time, as you can see in pic below. But, the spitting up has greatly decreased! Yay!!
I failed, once again, at getting my child to take a paci:(. Looks like I might have a thumb or finger sucker soon. He sucks on his fist a lot right now.

I cannot believe he is almost 4 months old! That is 1/3 of his first year. I cannot stand it!

 His sis and bro still think he is pretty cool. Just wait til he is mobile and snatches a Barbie or Lightening Mcqueen. Things might change! Everyone is still saying he looks like Graham, but to me he is changing a little. They definitely are brothers, but he has his own little look. 
 Love you little B!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Circus!!

Honey and Papa treated the three oldest cousins to the circus a few weeks ago! Anna Lou absolutely loved it! I didn't tell her until after nap that afternoon, because I knew she would not sleep because of the anticipation! Graham and Georgia were a little young for this outing, but will have their turn soon enough. Thanks to Honey for lot of phone pics to document their night.

This girl cannot get enough of the two B's! Brooks and Barrett are not only cousins but her best buddies! They play so well together and I am just so thankful for the special relationship they already have. Since they have been in town this summer, she asks every morning "when are we going to see B and B??!"

 Spoiled rotten!

I heard tons of details about the circus late that night and all day the next day! She could not stop talking about it. Next year, the little G's are sure to love it too! Thank you Honey and Papa for a night of memories!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Arkansas Or Bust!

It was time for our annual Townley Times! My mom and her sister are the Townley girls and every summer we get together with my Aunt Terry, cousin Sharon and her three girls. We traveled to Fayetville, AR for our weekend reunion.

A little b-ball in the driveway.

 We got a little tour of the University of Arkansas campus. Our Arkansas family are some serious HOG fans!! 
 Oh yes we did stop at the Pi Phi house for a quick pic! 
 cheesy to the max but love our angels! ha!
 We walked around the farmers market on the cute little square downtown.

 The kids enjoyed their popsicles, especially G!
 Their neighborhood happened to have a little bash on Saturday when we were there. 

 lots of doll playing with lots of little girlies.
 lots of crazy meal times.
 Terry and Jerry, aren't they cute?!

 Brooks lost his first tooth while we were there!!

 Yes, we had shirts made thanks to cousin, Sharon! And looks like I am about to drop Boone, poor kid.

 One last crazy meal!
What a fun weekend in Razorback Country! Thanks to Sharon for hosting us and everyone swapping beds, flexible kids sleeping on floors and lots of craziness with 9 youngsters! Love our family!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Baby Blanton...

 My dear friend Heather is due with baby boy #2, James Blanton Scott. We are so excited for sweet Blanton's arrival and wanted to celebrate him and his beautiful Mama! We had a little shower/girls night out at Blue Mesa with appetizers, desserts and a little western decor.

 Heather and her Mama.
 The hostesses with the honoree- Joanna, Heather, me and Ashley.

Come on Baby Blanton! It's too hot for your mama to be prego much longer!:)

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Not sure how to spell LAKATION! Rhymes with vacation, but at the lake, so it's our LAKE-ATION, LACATION, whatever! It was time for our annual Watkins Family getaway to Cedar Creek Lake! So many pics of our wonderful, easy, casual, blissful and memorable week on the lake! When you were raised spending your summers at the lake, it just feels right to do the same thing with our little growing families. 

Brooks is quite the fan of Boone. Sweet boy!

This was the big catch of the week caught by my sweetie! Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of catching that went on after this so we had to eat out for fish instead of cooking our own. Oh well, the men enjoyed the fishing trips none the less. We still love these men even though they didn't bring home the bacon:).

 Brooks' big catch!

 We were pretty proud of G for conquering the Easy Ski!
 cuzzies playing in their cool bunk bed room.
 just what the dr. ordered
 Our dear family friends, the Ryons joined us for dinner one evening.

 fancy bath for Boone:)
 very patient Honey and Papa playing bingo with the kids.

 playin' ball
 Good ol' fried fish!

 Me and G in the tube.
 AL showboatin'!
 we told them they were double trouble on the easy ski and all week they said "we wanna do double trouble again."

studly man!

 meals on the porch.

 once again, the stud muffin.
 Papa has taught many youngsters to ski! Started with us and then lots of friends we brought along growing up, but now it was Brooks' turn! 
 He did it!!
 Papa still got it!
 maybe inappropriate to post, but cutie booties!

 lots of front porch sittin'!
 One of our favorite things to do is take a little sunset cruise on the water.
 So fun that Honey brought glow sticks and sparklers!

 Attempt at grand baby pic!

Oh Honey and Papa!! How can we thank you enough for another awesome week at the lake?!! Thank you for lots of serving, cooking, hugging, playing and loving on us and our babies!! Here's to another amazing LAKATION!