Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Circus!!

Honey and Papa treated the three oldest cousins to the circus a few weeks ago! Anna Lou absolutely loved it! I didn't tell her until after nap that afternoon, because I knew she would not sleep because of the anticipation! Graham and Georgia were a little young for this outing, but will have their turn soon enough. Thanks to Honey for lot of phone pics to document their night.

This girl cannot get enough of the two B's! Brooks and Barrett are not only cousins but her best buddies! They play so well together and I am just so thankful for the special relationship they already have. Since they have been in town this summer, she asks every morning "when are we going to see B and B??!"

 Spoiled rotten!

I heard tons of details about the circus late that night and all day the next day! She could not stop talking about it. Next year, the little G's are sure to love it too! Thank you Honey and Papa for a night of memories!

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