Thursday, August 9, 2012


Not sure how to spell LAKATION! Rhymes with vacation, but at the lake, so it's our LAKE-ATION, LACATION, whatever! It was time for our annual Watkins Family getaway to Cedar Creek Lake! So many pics of our wonderful, easy, casual, blissful and memorable week on the lake! When you were raised spending your summers at the lake, it just feels right to do the same thing with our little growing families. 

Brooks is quite the fan of Boone. Sweet boy!

This was the big catch of the week caught by my sweetie! Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of catching that went on after this so we had to eat out for fish instead of cooking our own. Oh well, the men enjoyed the fishing trips none the less. We still love these men even though they didn't bring home the bacon:).

 Brooks' big catch!

 We were pretty proud of G for conquering the Easy Ski!
 cuzzies playing in their cool bunk bed room.
 just what the dr. ordered
 Our dear family friends, the Ryons joined us for dinner one evening.

 fancy bath for Boone:)
 very patient Honey and Papa playing bingo with the kids.

 playin' ball
 Good ol' fried fish!

 Me and G in the tube.
 AL showboatin'!
 we told them they were double trouble on the easy ski and all week they said "we wanna do double trouble again."

studly man!

 meals on the porch.

 once again, the stud muffin.
 Papa has taught many youngsters to ski! Started with us and then lots of friends we brought along growing up, but now it was Brooks' turn! 
 He did it!!
 Papa still got it!
 maybe inappropriate to post, but cutie booties!

 lots of front porch sittin'!
 One of our favorite things to do is take a little sunset cruise on the water.
 So fun that Honey brought glow sticks and sparklers!

 Attempt at grand baby pic!

Oh Honey and Papa!! How can we thank you enough for another awesome week at the lake?!! Thank you for lots of serving, cooking, hugging, playing and loving on us and our babies!! Here's to another amazing LAKATION!

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