Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Twinkle Toes!

My sweet and thoughtful friends, Sarah, Amanda, Julie and Janet, along with my sister, Wendi, gave Anna a wonderful birthday gift. Sarah had heard me mention this dance camp I was interested in signing Anna up for. They all pitched in and gave her $ for the dance camp for her birthday back in February. The camp was finally here and she loved it! Not only was it dance camp, but Disney Princess Dance Camp! What could be better?! On the last day, they invited the parents to come watch a little "recital." They could bring a princess dress to wear over their leotard for the performance. 
 They learned a jazz, tap and ballet dance.

 shuffle step, shuffle step

 Anna's cheering crew!
 Plus Honey came!!
It was a fun week of princess dances, crafts, snacks and games!! Thanks to our great friends for a great gift!!

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